'Kill or Be Killed' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.5


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.5
“Kill or Be Killed”
Written By: Mike Daniels
Directed By: Jeff Woolnough
Original Airdate: 7 October 2010

In This Episode...

It’s volunteer day in the Falls.  Stefan and Elena are still keeping up their fighting ruse.  Liz Forbes shocks Caroline by taking a day off work to volunteer in the park.  At the event, Mason approaches Liz with claims that the Salvatore brothers are vampires.  Liz does not want to believe her friend Damon could be a vampire.  Mason proves it to her by poisoning the lemonade with vervane.  Damon chokes instantly, and Stefan finally agrees it is time to take down Mason Lockwood.

The Salvatores corner Mason in the woods.  Before they can attack, Liz and her goon squad shoot the vampires with vervane-soaked wooden bullets and drag them into the slave quarter ruins.  Caroline hears what is going on.  She won’t go into the cellar with Elena because she doesn’t want her mom to know what she is.  Elena goes in alone, but when the deputy holds her in a headlock, Caroline zips in and saves the day.  Of course, in saving the day, she slaughters her mother’s two helper monkeys. 

Damon tells Liz to relax, he’s not going to kill her - you are my friend.  They have to clean up the bodies, then everyone regroups at the Salvatore home.  The plan is for Liz to remain locked in the cellar until the vervane has left her system.  Then Damon will compel her into forgetting the events of the night.  Caroline overhears her mother telling Damon to keep Caroline away from her - she is not her daughter anymore.  Caroline admits to Elena that she was spying for Katherine.  She is scared of her.  Elena forgives her.  She also begins to soften towards Damon.

Also:  Stefan has decided that if Katherine can build up a tolerance to vervane, maybe he can do the same with human blood, allowing him to drink within reason.  He will need the extra strength to defeat Katherine.  Elena is scared and angry at first, but soon realizes it is for the best and insists on helping by feeding him a sip of her own blood from her hand. Jeremy and Tyler become friends when Jeremy admits he knows about the Lockwood curse.  When Tyler accidentally pushes a drunk girl down the stairs, he has a split second where he hopes she is dead.  She is not, and Tyler later turns the moonstone over to Mason... who then turns it over to Katherine, whom he has been dating for at least a year - since before he became a werewolf.

Dig It or Bury It?

A great episode here.  It was fully of juicy drama that centered around lots of violence and action.  After a few weeks that were a little slow, we are finally back to the good stuff.  What does Katherine want with the moonstone?  Is she using Mason purely to obtain the moonstone?  I tend to think not, because when he gave her the moonstone, instead of killing him, she gave him hardcore porno-tongue.  I think the question with Tyler is not will he kill in order to wolf out, but when.  Even if Liz can successfully forget what Caroline is, will Caroline ever be able to forget what her mom said about her?

Dear Diary

This episode had a major downfall: two Twilight-style romance moments.  In the first, Stefan and Elena are sharing a secret kiss in her room before school, and lamenting their faux fight.  They come up with code phrases that, when said, sound angry, but really mean they love each other.  Puke-tastic.  Second was when Elena feeds Stefan her blood.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the whole scene was just too cheesy.  Maybe it was because Elena’s kiss was what kept Stefan from going full vamp.  Luckily I was all puked out from the secret love code incident.

Blood Lust

Plenty of bodies piling up in this episode.  Okay, three.  The first was in a flashback, when Mason first activated the curse.  It was about a year earlier, at a beach bar in Florida.  A drunk buddy is convinced that Mason is banging his girlfriend, and starts beating the crap out of him.  Acting in self defense, Mason grabs the guy and body slams him into the cement.  His skull cracks, the guy dies instantly, and Mason’s face gets all stretchy and wolfy for a second.

The other deaths were the two lackeys that Caroline devoured in the cellar. They were fast and violent.  More intense was Caroline coming out of the shadows, face smeared with blood, in a small voice saying “Hi mom.”  unfortunately the moment was marred by the unrealist blood on her chin.  She looked like she drank the Kool-Aid.


After a brief hiatus, The Vampire Diaries returns.  It looks like we get to find out why Katherine wants the moonstone.  She asks Elena, “Do you really think I don’t have a plan?”