'Know Thy Enemy' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.17

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.17

"Know Thy Enemy"

Written By: Mike Daniels

Directed By: Wendey Stanzler

Original Airdate: 7 April 2011

In This Episode...

Jenna is hurt and offended when Isobel shows up on her doorstep.  She refuses to talk to Elena or Alaric and leaves the house first thing in the morning.  John invites Isobel inside, with the promise of info on Klaus.  Word of the doppleganger's existence had leaked to the vampire community, and she and John had been killing anyone who tried to hunt her down.  Isobel promises Elena a safehouse, with her name on the deed so vampires can't get in, but Elena doesn't trust her.  Good move, because when Isobel returns to her house ("The nicest foreclosure in town"), Katherine is waiting for her, and they are BFF.  She tells Katherine that Klaus promised her her freedom if she delivers Elena and the moonstone.  Naturally, she needs Katherine's help.  She steals the moonstone then heads out.

Elena is set to accept a check for her mother's foundation at a ceremony at the Lockwood house.  Isobel creates a distraction (sucking John dry of blood and throwing him down a flight of stairs) so that Katherine can snatch Elena and take her place.  Stefan realizes it is not Elena immediately, but it is too late.  Isobel has Elena and Katherine drugs Stefan so he can't follow her back to Isobel's house.  Once there, she calls Isobel, who apologizes.  Klaus really wanted the moonstone and Katherine, not Elena.  It was a trap and Isobel's manservant brain-blasts Katherine into unconsciousness.

Isobel and Elena go to the cemetery.  At her headstone, Isobel hopes to show Elena a shred of humanity.  She always dreamed of meeting her daughter, and was sad that all Elena got to see was her vampire side.  A phone call assures her that her job was carried out successfully and that she was free.  Klaus had compelled her into this mission.  She rips off her magic locket and immolates before Elena's horrified eyes.  Back at the Salvatore house, Damon and Stefan are ready to sign the deed to their house over to Elena - the safehouse being the one good idea Isobel had.  Before she can sign on the dotted line, John wakes thanks to his magic ring.  Damon is instantly on the attack, but Elena calls him off.  She wants to talk to him.  John is remorseful.  He was helping Isobel because he was there when Elena was born.  He saw the pain in Isobel's eyes when she gave away her daughter and he believed she would do anything to keep Elena safe.  He had no idea she and Katherine were working together.  Suddenly full of fatherly love, he promises he will do anything Elena asks.  She doesn't want him to leave town.  "You are the only parent I have left.  Maybe I can learn not to hate you."  Katherine, meanwhile, wakes up in a strange apartment to discover the manservant who knocked her out is busy with another task: transfusing Klaus into Alaric.

Elsewhere, the other Gilbert child is helping Bonnie find the witch-spirit-sucking spell among Jonas's grimoires.  Damon leads them to the massacre site.  The spirits don't much like Damon being there - they glue him to the floor and render his magic ring useless.  Bonnie breaks the spell and Damon takes off.  She channels the spirits to gain their power.  It is intense, and Jeremy is worried by her agonizing screams.  But in the end, she is okay and shows off her powers by transforming the weather.  A balmy, clear day becomes a raucous thunderstorm.  But Jeremy is concerned when he later reads a note in the grimoire that says that channeling too much power will kill her.  "Too much" happens to be the exact amount of power needed to take down an original.

Caroline is desperately searching for Matt.  He shows up demanding info on his sister's death from the sheriff.  Sheriff Forbes instead takes Matt to her house to wait for Caroline to come home.  She does, and she tries to explain everything to him.  He is horrified and demands that she wipe his memory clean.  She obliges, but we find out that, before going in, the sheriff had dosed him with vervane, and made him her spy. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode had great buildup, but fizzled at the end.  The payoff was disappointing.  I loved all the ridiculous double- and triple-crossing, but then it was like, "Katherine is captured, Elena is safe, everything is status quo."  It's the same old song.  I feel like we have already done the "Too much power will kill Bonnie, and that makes Jeremy sad" plot.  Additionally, there was an odd, disjointed feeling to this episode.  Multiple scenes, especially within the first act, felt like they were out of order.  For example, there was a scene with Katherine, Damon, and Stefan in the Salvatore house.  Katherine and Damon stay, Stefan leaves for Elena's house.  Then Damon is with Bonnie and Jeremy, looking for Jonas's grimoire while Katherine is at Isobel's house.  Then the Salvatores and Katherine are back at the Salvatore estate, then Damon is back with Jeremy and Bonnie.  Regardless, it is just nice to put an end to a six-week hiatus.  

Sibling Rivalry

The boys played nice this week.  They had a shared goal: save Elena, kill Klaus.  One out of two ain't bad.

Blood Lust

From a show that likes to torture its characters and rips hearts out with bare hands, there was little death or violence this week.  It was a lot of exposition.  But Team Damon can enjoy a gratuitous "Damon takes off his shirt" scene.


The high school holds a 1960s mods n' rockers dance, which means the gang gets to wear some far-out clothes when they discover that Klaus has taken over Alaric's body.