'Mommy Dearest' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.19


Supernatural Episode 6.19

"Mommy Dearest"

Written By: Adam Glass

Directed By: John Showalter

Original Airdate: 29 April 2011

In This Episode...

Eve blows into a small town in Oregon, spreading her own special kind of pain.  She spreads disease quickly through the town, creating shapeshifters and demons and other bloodthirsty creatures.  Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas investigate when a local doctor calls in an unidentified disease to the CDC.

The town is infested.  The doctor is missing, but at his office they find a corpse.  They also find a half-dozen identical corpses in the guy's home.  At the local bar, they find a bloodbath - all patrons have been turned into half-rafes, half-vampires, and they killed each other.  The police come in as the guys are investigating and arrest Bobby, Sam, and Cas - Dean hid.  At the station, Sam sees the cops in a mirror, notices they are all demons.  Dean comes in and helps slaughter the cops - all except one, who Bobby and Cas take turns torturing for information while Sam and Dean take the dead doc's two sons to an uncle outside of town.  Cas gets an address from the demon cop, and the four reconvene and suit up to confront Eve.  The plan: Dean and Sam go into the diner, while Bobby and Cas cover them from outside.  It's not much of a plan, but it is all they've got.

Inside the diner, Sam scans the area with his camera phone - every patron has been demonized.  Eve is the waitress, and she explains why she is here - and it is not to kill them.  She does morph into Mary Winchester, but that didn't seem to mess with the boys as much as she hoped.  Eve was perfectly happy with the natural order before: she creates a few monsters, hunters kill some of the monsters, and the cycle repeats.  But now Crowley is torturing her children, harvesting souls to do so, and creating a huge stockpile of energy.  But wait, Crowley is dead, you say? Castiel killed him, as you recall?  Eve seems convinced that he is not, and her new goal is to turn the entire planet into monsters that cannot be detected by hunters.  Kind of a beta test.  And the doctor's two boys were her gold master.  

Eve wants Sam and Dean to work with her and help her kill Crowley.  The boys refuse, and Dean goads her angrily.  Taking his taunt of "bite me" seriously, she does.  But it is not Dean who is infected.  He had swallowed down some phoenix ash with a shot of whiskey.  So when Eve bit into him, a blinding wash of light burned her from the inside out.  So now the boys are left to figure out if Crowley is really still alive - and if Castiel lied to them.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a little disappointing that there was so much buildup over Eve, then it was over in a second.  It was an opening act for Darth Castiel, which is an interesting twist.  But it feels like Eve was just wasted.  So was Mary Winchester.  Her image had virtually no effect on the boys - seems like a wasted plot point.

Blood Brothers

I think this was the bloodiest episode of Supernatural ever.  Several dozen corpses piled up tonight - literally.  The bar chaos was fun.  It started off like any other bar brawl, but quickly devolved into the creatures devouring each other.  The youngest of the doctor's two sons killed his brother, then the two teamed up to kill their uncle (they were later killed by a demon).  The only thing scarier than a child is a child with blood covering its mouth.  Kill o' the week goes to Dean, who didn't just behead one of the deputies - he actually sliced through the guy's skull, just below the nose.

Spooky Humor

When the guys come across the bar massacre, they realize that Eve is creating monster hybrids.  Bobby grants Dean naming rights, since he discovered they were vampire-rafes.  Dean thinks a moment, then names them: "Jefferson Starship.  They are horrible and hard to kill."  And yes, for the rest of the episode, the guys refer to the new creatures as Jefferson Starships.


Castiel seems to have gone to the dark side - though not entirely willingly.