Movie Review: 'Psychosis'


If it’s possible for a horror flick to be as generic as the title “Psychosis,” then Psychosis is it. Stop me when this sounds interesting: a dreary author heads to her family’s old house out in the woods, only to hear creepy sounds wafting out of the forest, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Sorry. I nodded off watching Psychosis, I was bored when I thought about it for this review, and I desperately wish the film was outrageously awful just so I could type something interesting at this very moment. Hardcore Buffy and Angel fans may be a bit more forgiving, seeing as how Psychosis gives Charisma “Cordelia Chase” Carpenter a chance to anchor her own movie -- but that doesn’t change the fact (fine, opinion) that Psychosis is about as basic a horror flick could ever be without debuting on The Lifetime Channel.

And don’t be fooled by the opening scene, which makes the flick seem like (at the very least) a gory slasher retread. That would be freakin’ Inception compared to the snooze-fest cooked up here. If you’re into brunettes with too much make-up who stare into the woods and down hallways for minutes on end, Psychosis may be your new favorite film. Beyond that, you may want to rent it as a sleeping aid.