Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)


When you think of Troma and their line of films, three things should come to mind: intense gore, copious nudity, and a total disregard for political correctness. Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma and grandmaster of all things schlock, has been directing films so wild and unabashedly outrageous over the past few decades, that the Troma brand itself pretty much drives their films. Troma?s best movies play as if Mondo Cane starred Charlie Chaplin. Their newest endeavor, Poultrygeist, is a pluckingly fun romp through the irritable bowels of fast food chains.

Structurally, Poultrygeist is a disjointed and tonal mess, so it?s complicated to summarize, but I?ll try my damndest. The story follows a young slacker dweeb named Arbie (played by the fairly talented Jason Yachanin) who decides to take a job at the fast food chicken shack his ex Wendy (played by Kate Graham) is boycotting as a part of C.L.A.M. a militaristic lesbian revolutionary group. From there all hell breaks loose. Evil green puss filled chicken products begin popping up, talk of an ancient Indian burial ground swirls in, people masturbate on and then fall into meat grinding machines, and so on and so forth. The plot is a little wobbily at points, but any true Troma fan wouldn?t have it any other way (or perhaps, wouldn?t even notice).

If you?re the type that hounds for good gore, you can do no better than the recent, well budgeted releases from Troma and Poultrygeist is no exception. Poultrygeist provides ample gore in more ways than you?d think possible. Where other big budgeted titles like Hostel show you the grimy ligaments with trepidation and anticipatory chamber music swells, Troma unapologetically slaps you in the face with a yard of intestine. You want to see a guy get his face sliced slowly through a meat slicer? You got it. You want to see what can only be described as ?bathroom antics?? You got it. You want breasts, breasts and more breasts? You definitely got it. And finally, you want musical numbers? Well?you got it.

This time around the gang at Troma has decided to go the musical route. Now I must admit, when those first few bars rang out, I thought I was in for some suffering. And at times I did indeed suffer, but all in all I ended up enjoying the songs quite a bit, and found the vocal performances of Jason and Kate to be quite good. While some of the songs do tend to drag, they exhibit the type of spirit that keeps Troma alive: Unabashed disregard.

If you?re a fan of good gore, check this out. If you?re a Troma fan already, this is definitely right up there with Terror Firmer and Class of Nuke ?Em High. Poultrygeist is the kind of high flying, puke out your nose fun that you expect from Troma. Poultrygeist is so unapologetic in its voice that it really becomes a joyful experience. For me, watching a good Troma splatterfest, digging into all the mayhem and depravity, is like coming home to mom?s famous pasta?and it looks pretty similar too.