'The Secret Circle' Episode 102 - 'Bound'


The Secret Circle Episode 102


Written By: Kevin Williamson & Andrew Miller

Directed By: Liz Friedlander

Original Airdate: 22 September 2011

In This Episode...

Cassie starts testing out her powers - little things like lighting a candle with her mind - but she does not yet have a handle on her powers. They only start to work when she gets mad or scared. Cassie tells Faye she wants nothing to do with her, and instead befriends Sally, the class president, even helping her with the fair. 

Diana is adamant that, now that Cassie is here, they bind their circle. Cassie isn't ready to - she hardly knows these kids. And Faye doesn't want to because she doesn't want to surrender her power. If the circle is bound, alone they are each powerless, but when together their power is amplified and better controlled. The tides turn when, at a party at the end of the fair, things get out of control. Faye gives Sally a light shove during an argument, and because she was screwing around with her powers, that shove sends Sally flying across the deck and onto rocks below. Sally is not breathing. Dawn rushes up and uses a magic crystal to revive her. Frightened by the uncontrolled power, Cassie agrees to be bound. Faye still has reservations, but is so shocked by what happened she goes along with it.

Faye's grandfather - and Dawn's father-in-law - Henry is in town. Ethan called him to tattle on Charles - he has been using magic. Dawn insists that is not possible - Henry stripped away that generation's powers. But Henry saw Faye using her powers to win a ring toss game at the fair. He also saw Dawn use the crystal to bring Sally back from the dead, even though they destroyed all the crystals. Dawn recommends her father-in-law go back home and take it easy. It would be a shame if he had another heart attack. And of course, Henry drops dead right then and there from a heart attack.

Dig It or Bury It?

I'm still not 100% sold on the show, but I will admit, I am intrigued - but I am intrigued by the adults' story. I want to know what kind of diabolical plot they are putting together. The kids are starting to annoy me already. Other than Faye and Cassie, they all seem interchangeable, whiney, and given to drama. Since the pilot episode, they have been setting up that Cassie and Adam will end up together, and the only thing of interest that can come of that story line is that Diana loses her shit and unleashes a relentless torrent of black magic on them.

I Put a Spell On You

The spellcraft this week was unimpressive. Adam gives Cassie a live wire to hold, then he holds her hand and a lightbulb and they make the lightbulb light up using their shared energy. It's like a first-grade science fair project at that Harry Potter school. Faye had momentary super powers, and the girls made each other's beakers explode in chemistry class.

This Magic Moment

Every family has a grimoire, but Diana is the only one who has been able to find her family's book, so everything the circle knows of magic comes from it. The parents died in a fire aboard a party boat, and it was then that witchcraft was abolished. Diana believes that the accident was a direct result of the parents' circle not having been bound, which is why she is so hellbent on binding her own circle.

Also, apparently the crystal that Dawn has is apparently the only magic that generation has left. There is a finite amount of magic within it - when it is gone, it's gone.


Now that the circle is bound, the kids have no power if they are not with at least one other circle member. Naturally, this causes some problems.