'Supernatural' Season 6 Autopsy


This season, we made it back from hell, and retrieved a soul. We've seen (well, heard about) civil war in heaven. We've fought shifters, vampires, fairies, and elves. We've seen directing debuts from star Jensen Ackles and writer/producer Ben Edlund. We have seen the greatest meta episode of all time, "The French Mistake." And we have seen a new god take to the throne. What the hell is left?

So Castiel now has the power of a bajillion souls swirling inside of him, and he declares himself the new god. That can't be good. What's interesting is that for season seven, actor Misha Collins has been "demoted" from series regular to recurring guest. This move is not necessarily a negative. It could have been a money-saving tactic or Misha could have decided he wanted to step back a little. Whatever the case, I guess this means that Cas will be busy in heaven for a good portion of next season, wreaking his own special brand of havoc on the world.

The CW has promised that the Winchesters's "old tricks, weapons and hiding places" will all be useless in the new season. They have fought gods before, but Cas seems to think that he is the new Judeo-Christian god, and if mainstream media has taught me anything, apparently the Judeo-Christian god is the most powerful. And since the boys had begun to rely pretty heavily on Cas rescuing them, I think it is safe to say they are pretty fucked. Perhaps in season seven, Sam and Dean will be dragged out onto heaven's killing fields. Maybe Cas will force them into service.

I hope that between Castiel's insanity, we get more wacky episodes. Maybe another hardcore-meta episode. Have the boys fought Nessie yet? I wanna see them hunt down a Loch Ness Monster-type beastie.