'Switched and Hitched' - 'Face Off' Episode 1.5


Face Off Episode 1.5
"Switched and Hitched"
Original Airdate: 23 February 2011

In This Episode...

The foundation challenge is back. The contestants must do a hand-applied facial hair design and match it to their model's costume. Among the themes were cowboy, rock n' roller, pirate, and Rastafarian. Tate won this challenge with his Star Trekish hair, complete with sculpted brows.

For the spotlight challenge, the contestants must pair up, but they get to pick their own teams. They will be tasked with taking real-life engaged couples, and doing a gender swap. So the women are going to be made into grooms, and the men into brides. Since Tate won the foundation challenge, he and his partner Anthony got to choose their couple. Everyone else was assigned a couple randomly.

The Creations

Tate & Anthony: The guys chose an Asian couple whose male had androgynous features. They did an Elvis-themed wedding. The female groom had big Elvis aviator glasses and a prop guitar, while the male bride wore a big bouffant and a pregnant belly. They got the most laughs, especially when the "bride" went into "labor." They were one of the top teams, as the effect was really excellent.

Tom & Jo: This team went with a 1970s theme. The "groom" had a goofy, leprechaun look with bushy, uneven eyebrows and an almost comical beard. The "bride" ended up looking like Telly Savalas. Fearing that his face was "too big" as it was, the team declined to put prosthetics on him, and instead relied on beauty makeup. The effect was flat and grey, and Tom & Jo ended up in the bottom of the heap.

Sam & Gage: Sam & Gage were ambitious. They decided to do old age makeup to more easily obtain that androgynous look for both models. However, neither had much age makeup experience, and it showed. The edges were uneven and peeling, and the couple looked like they were wearing cheap Halloween masks. However, the judges applauded their ambition.

Conor & Megan: Foregoing a theme, Conor and Megan just focused on a formal wedding couple. Their female groom was just average, but the male bride was stunning. A touch drag queeny, but in a very believable, RuPaul way. They were also a top team.


Conor and Megan were declared the winning team, but Megan was the overall winner for creating the most successful transformation. Her choice for who to send home was Tom. The judges were all in agreement that Tom and Jo were the worst team this week but in the end, they sent home Jo. She created the bride, and did a lazy, half-assed job of it.

Dig It or Bury It?

I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy this week's episode. The gender swap seemed kind of boring. Who doesn't love big, monstrous set pieces? But it ended up being an interesting episode. I think that, because there wasn't as much of interest to demonstrate (I don't need to see the contestants applying an eyeshadow to make the eyes pop), they were a little short of material. However, they made it up with more explanations of the creative process and some descriptions of techniques. That really helped fill time, and was interesting. Worst part of the episode: Syfy blurred the nipples off the grey plastic breast molds that the contestants made for the male brides. Really? Plastic nubbins are that offensive, but slap a coat of paint on a real pair of breasts - no problem.


Jo's hatred of Megan boiled over tonight. During judging, while Conor and Megan were describing how they divvied up the workload, Jo was making such faces that Ve had to stop the proceedings to see what Jo felt the need to say. Jo claimed that Conor did all the work and Megan rode his coattails, but the judges were not swayed. Jo's exit was surprisingly tame compared. A few snide back-handed insults and the finger, and she was gone.


Zombies! Next week, the contestants get to make zombies! Fingers crossed that they will all do the "Thriller" dance.