Television Tourniquet: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.13


Children of the Damned
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: 4 February 2010

In This Episode...

...we cut between 1864 and 2010.

In 2010, it is all about Jonathan Gilbert’s journal.   Stefan confronts him and finds out that Aleric’s wife was killed by Damon, but he is there for answers, not revenge.  His wife’s body was never found.  Stefan works an uneasy bargain: he will protect Aleric from Damon if Stefan can take the journal.  The journal has been taken by Anna, but luckily Aleric made a photocopy.  In reading the journal, Stefan and Elena discover that Emily’s grimoire is not contained in the Gilbert journal, but in the journal of Giuseppe Salvatore - Stefan’s father.  And Stefan knows that his father was buried with the journal.  He and Elena go to dig it up.

Damon finds out that Jeremy’s cute stalker friend, Anna, was also obsessed with the journal, so they set up a “sting” at the Grill.  While Jeremy plays pool with Anna, Damon watches from the bar - and recognizes Anna (we will get there).  Damon follows Anna back to her motel room, where she already had the Gilbert journal.  The two of them strike up their own uneasy bargain because they both want to find Emily’s grimoire, but only Damon knows where papa Salvatore is buried.  But once he has the journal, he leaves Anna out in the cold.

Damon finds Stefan and Elena at the gravesite.  The couple had already dug up the Salvatore journal.  Damon is sincerely hurt that Stefan betrayed him.  He really thought that the brothers could work together and mend their relationship.  Even worse, he is genuinely hurt by Elena lying to him.  Stefan won’t give up the journal, so Damon does the only thing he can: threaten Elena.  Not with death, but with conversion.  That works.  Stefan turns over the journal, Damon turns over the girl, and Stefan takes Elena home.  At the Gilbert home, Stefan goes downstairs to get Elena an asprin, and Jenna mentions that Jeremy has a “friend” over.  Alarmed because this friend is Anna, Stefan races upstairs - Elena is gone.

In 1864, we see Catherine is the queen bitch of the vampires.  She plays the role of the sweet young orphan, but she is purposely playing both Salvatore brothers.  They are under her spell, and both want to protect her when Giuseppe Salvatore tells Stefan about his and Jonathan Gilbert’s plan to rid the town of vampires.  No one knows that Catherine is a vampire because her handmaiden, Emily, enchanted Catherine’s ring so she can walk in the sunlight.  Stefan confides in his father, thinking he will save Catherine, but he doesn’t.  He doses Stefan with vervane so that when Catherine tries to turn him, she is poisoned.   Also figuring into this equation is Pearl, Catherine’s best friend.  Pearl is also a vampire, is being courted by Jonathan Gilbert, and has a daughter - Anna.  Anna needs the grimoire so she can get her mother back.

Also of note, Bonnie is on a date with Ben the bartender.  She kisses him and senses the evil.  Excusing herself to the bathroom, Ben knows that she knows, beats her to the bathroom, and kidnaps her.

Dig It or Bury It?
It was nice to finally get some answers in this episode.  I think it would have been more effective to have a solid hour taking place just in 1894.  Screw people who are just tuning in - they will figure it out.  Plus, Elena/Catherine can really fill out a corset.  I liked seeing the human-ish side of Damon when he found out Stefan and Elena betrayed him.  He is such a delightful asshole, this balanced his personality very well.  Similarly, it was nice seeing the naughty side of Elena, rolling around naked in bed with Stefan, and only being mildly embarrassed when Damon walks in on them.  Too often, the leading lady in stories like this is a prim, innocent girly girl.  It just made Elena feel real.

Dear Diary
It’s all about the journal.  One leads to another.  I am glad they dumped the modern day journaling.  It made it so cheesy.  But back in ye olden times, everyone kept a journal, so it doesn’t feel weird that one journal is leads to another then leads to another.

Myths Revamped
The episode opens with Catherine luring a couple coach drivers into her toothy grin, all so that she can show Damon how it is done, in preparation for his own change.  She explains that the reason bodies rarely show up is that, after she is done, she drags the bodies into the woods and lets the creatures finish her scraps.

Blood Lust
No one actually died this episode, but Catherine and Pearl are sent off to their deaths, and they are trussed up in some fierce and torturous looking chains.  They aren’t just bound at the wrists and ankles, but they have metal pieces over their mouth that look something like a horse bit and an iron maiden.

All the human girls in Mystic Falls have been kidnapped (okay, just Bonnie and Elena... that we know of), so of course, they must be rescued.  Damon, burned one too many times, refuses to help Stefan find Elena.