Television Tourniquet: 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.6


Vampire Diaries Episode 1.6
Lost Girls
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: 15 October 2009

In This Episode…
So Elena finally knows what is going on in her sleepy little town.  She refused to believe that her boyfriend was a vampire until the words came from his lips.  She gave him one day to explain… and it was a hell of a day.

Stefan and Damon were BFFs way back in 1864, when they were human.  Then Catherine Pierce came into their lives.  The harlot flirted with both, though Damon seemed fine with stepping aside to let his little brother – who was madly in love with Catherine – have her.  Catherine wasn’t too keen on that.  She seduced – and sired – both brothers.

Damon is cleaning up from his midnight goth-kid snack.  Vicki is still alive, so he takes her back to Salvatore manor before daybreak.  Damon is bored and his new plaything is beyond hung over, so  he forces Vicki to feed, and they party until sundown.  They dance around, they trash the house, Vicki rambles like she is on speed.  Then she crashes – hard – and Damon snaps her neck.  She’s not dead – she’s undead.  She starts to remember, freaks, and runs to Jeremy.

Jeremy is concerned enough about Vicki – he thinks she is on some crazy drug cocktail – to call Matt.  They have no luck calming her down, but luckily Stefan and Elena come home, and he recognizes the symptoms.  Vicki is transitioning, and has a choice to make: feed on human blood and complete the transformation, or reject it and die.  Vicki doesn’t like either of her choices, and when she nearly makes a snack of Jeremy, she bolts.

Stefan finds her in the woods and tries to calm her down.  Before he can, Stefan is shot through the chest with a wooden bullet.  Logan had been out with the Vamp Squad, using the antique Gilbert watch as a vamp compass. Logan attempts to stake Stefan, but Damon leaps out and kills Logan.  While digging the wooden bullet from his brother’s chest, Vicki cannot resist the scent of fresh blood, and drinks from Logan’s corpse.

Stefan returns to Elena.  She is very concerned about him, but that doesn’t prevent her from breaking up with him.  She promises to keep his secret, but she can’t be with a vampire.  Then she goes inside and sobs.

Dig It or Bury It?
Twilight was wrong, dammit!  Twilight taught me that all teen girls want to be vampires – or at least, be with vampires.  Apparently Elena never got the memo.  Anyway, it was a pretty good episode.  I’m glad they didn’t make Elena one of those dumb can’t-see-what-is-right-in-front-of-you chicks and she put all the pieces together on her own.  Plenty of blood, plenty of fucked-up-craziness, and a healthy dollop of humor.

Dear Diary
Elena was too distraught to write.  She tried, but tossed her diary away in disgust.  The episode cheaped out a little bit by reusing bits of last week's "how could I be so blind?" diary lament.

Myths Revamped
According to Damon, in order to be turned into a vampire, a vampire must drink your blood, you must drink their blood, then you have to die, and then you have to drink human blood.  Otherwise it doesn’t take.

Blood Lust
Vicki and Damon drink blood from each other's wrists in a warped vampire 69.  Later, when Vicki feeds on Logan’s blood, she really makes a mess of herself – blood and meat and gristle are just hanging off her face.

Devilish Charm
Vicki – as she is coming down off her blood high – whines about her crummy childhood.  Damon coos to her, "You are so interesting.  You don’t have one hint of self-esteem."  It is here that he snaps her neck like a pretzel.

Next week is the Halloween episode, and let’s face it: Halloween episodes, no matter what the series, are always the best.  Vicki dresses up as – surprise, surprise – a vampire.  Oh wait, not just any kind of vampire.  As Elena puts it, "a vampire with issues."