Television Tourniquet: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.9


The Vampire Diaries Episode 1.9
History Repeating
Written By: Bryan M. Holdman & Brian Young
Directed By: Marcos Siega
Original Airdate: 12 November 2009

In This Episode...
Bonnie is being haunted by the spirit of her ancestor, Emily.  Further scaring Bonnie is Damon, who threatens her in the hopes of getting back his crystal.  Elena insists Bonnie stay with her for the night, and tells Stefan what is going on so he can keep an eye on Damon.

We finally find out what all the hubbub is over that crystal.  It belonged to Catherine, who gave it to Emily – her handmaid.  The vampires were being rounded up in the church to be burned, but before that happened, Damon went to Emily and begged her to use her witchcraft to keep his beloved safe.  Emily kept Catherine in a sort of metaphysical holding cell.  Unlike his brother, Damon wasn’t glamoured into loving Catherine; what he felt for her was real, and now he wants to bring her back.

Back at Elena’s house, Caroline has come over for a full-blown slumber party.  When Bonnie tells her that she thinks she is being haunted by her ancestor, Caroline decides to hold a séance.  Naturally, things don’t go well, and Bonnie is fully possessed by Emily.  Emily/Bonnie heads out into the forest with the necklace, Elena and Stefan close behind.  Damon confronts Emily out in the woods, but she hurls him into a tree where he is impaled (through the belly) by a limb.  Emily reveals that when she saved Catherine, she also saved all the other vampires who burned in that fire – save one and you must save them all.  In a pentagram-shaped burst of fire, the crystal is destroyed and Emily is gone.

Incensed, Damon attacks Bonnie viciously.  To make up for killing Stefan’s old friend, Damon had been on an all-animal diet for a week, leveling the playing field.  Stefan pulls Damon off Bonnie and feeds her his own blood to heal her.  Elena, impressed by Stefan’s tenderness, apologizes and tells him that she wants to be with him.  But Stefan refuses – it is just too dangerous.

Elena tells Bonnie that the Salvatores are vampires; Caroline and Matt become BFFs; Jenna is flirting with Jeremy’s new history teacher, who happens to be a vampire, with his own magical daylight ring.  But Logan is back, and guess what?  He’s a vampire, too.

Dig It or Bury It?
Would it be in poor taste to say that this episode was like the malformed, incestuous off-spring of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek?  Because that’s about the nicest thing I can say about this episode.  It was just so damned teen-girl-angsty.  Everyone crying over lost loves, even Damon.  Caroline is mad at Bonnie.  No wait, now she forgives her.  Oh, Bonnie lied to me.  Wait, not a big deal, I forgive you.  I hate you again, and Elena too.  I’m totally out of here.  Usually the show is good about balancing the soapy aspects with action, intrigue, and blood, but this week, they blew it.  And just to pour some salt in that fresh wound, the CW was running a "text your opinion" ad during the first act.  Do you think Damon was lying to Bonnie when he tried to get on her good side in order to get the necklace?  Do I fucking care?

On top of all that nonsense, I am truly worried about the two new vamps in town.  Are we going to duplicate the Damon/Stefan/Elena storyline with Jenna,  Logan, and Mr. Saltzman?  I shudder to think.

Dear Diary
Stefan tries to write in his journal at the episode's end, but he is too distraught, and instead throws it across the room and sobs hysterically.  Following the journal theme, Jeremy finds one from 1894 among his father’s belongings.

Myths Revamped
I was worried that since Bonnie had had her blood sucked, and then sucked the blood of a vamp, when she died she would turn.  But Stefan explains that Bonnie is only in danger of that happening if she dies while Stefan’s blood is still in her system.  Elena just has to look after her for the night; by morning she should be safe.

Blood Lust
Bonnie’s wound was pretty wicked, but other than that the only blood was that coming out of my ears as I desperately tried to shut out the whining.

There is a new spate of vampire murders in town.  Surprise surprise.  Stefan and Elena get back together , so hopefully that will cut back some of the angst.  It also looks like they finally sleep together – hopefully that doesn’t turn out like Buffy and Angel’s consummation.  Wait, that did wonders for the show.  Maybe it should go that direction...