Television Tourniquet: We Bite into ‘True Blood' 2.12


True Blood Episode 2.12
"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"
Written By: Alexander Woo
Directed By: Michael Cuesta
Original Airdate: 13 September 2009

In This Episode…


Picking up precisely where we left off two weeks ago, Sookie is accosted by Lafayette, who makes her strip and put on a flowing white gown.  Tara takes the egg downstairs, while Eggs brings Sookie.  Maryann is waiting, wearing Gran's wedding dress.  Tara, Jane, Arlene, and Lafayette all wear similar white gowns.  Tonight is Maryann's wedding night, and Sookie is her maid of honor.  She explains that she is marrying her god tonight, and Sam will be sacrificed to bring him.

Andy and Jason, Rambo'd-out, come upon the revellers, and are instantly taken over by Maryann.  Bill comes next, bearing the gift of Sam.  It is time for the ceremony to begin.  The wedding party marches out to the lawn, and Bill swaps Sam for Sookie.  The bull head is placed atop the giant effigy, and the egg (an ostrich egg) is placed inside.  Maryann chants, and Sam is strung up ceremonially.  Sookie is freaking out, despite Bill begging her to trust him.  When Eggs approaches Sam with the knife, Sookie yells at him to use his gift.  Bill reminds her to use her own.

Eggs stabs Sam deeply, and Maryann anoints herself orgasmically with his blood.  Sookie finally hears Sam's weak thoughts – break it all.  She pulls down the effigy, breaking the egg, and infuriating Maryann.  Sookie runs and Maryann follows – but stops dead in her tracks when a huge white bull appears from the trees.  Maryann is transfixed, and goes to the bull, calling him her husband.  She stands before him, offering herself.  The bull approaches – then gores her violently.  She pours black blood everywhere.  The bull changes – it is Sam; the horn, his arm.  He pulls out Maryann's "heart" and she collapses into a mummified corpse.  It was all plotted out between Bill and Sam.  Sam was ready to die to save the town, but he didn't need to.  He was able to feed off Bill.

With Maryann dead and the spell broken, the townsfolk return to "normal" and start to put things back together, but they have no recollection of what had happened.  Eggs is terrified that he wakes with bloody hands, and begs Sookie to help him remember, even though Tara insists he doesn't want to know.  He goes off the deep end with guilt when he discovers he was responsible for all the death in town, even if he was possessed.  Arlene is sickened over leaving her kids.  Andy swears off alcohol forever, and the sheriff gives him back his badge.

Hoyt's mom admits that all the stuff she said while possessed, about his dad killing himself, were true.  Hoyt is infuriated that he had been lied to all those years, tells her he wishes Jessica had finished her off, and goes to make amends with her.  Unfortunately, Jessica is not at home – she is at a truck stop drinking trucker blood.  Eggs goes to Andy with the bloodied ceremonial knife, hysterical, and turning himself in.  Jason sees the situation from afar and blows his brains out.  Andy covers for Jason and claims self-defense.  Sam takes off for a few days.  He goes to visit his parents, looking for info on his birth parents.  Mom won't help – they are bad people.  Dad, on his deathbed, scribbles a note with their names, last known whereabouts, and "I'm sorry." It's an apology for abandoning him years ago.

Finally, Bill and Sookie go out on a date.  He buys her a new dress, rents out a fancy French restaurant, and they dance.  Then he proposes.  Sookie is overwhelmed and terrified.  She doesn't say no, but she doesn't say yes.  She runs to the bathroom to calm down, and slips on the ring.  Calming down, she realizes it was meant to be and races out of the bathroom screaming yes – only to find Bill gone, and signs of a struggle in his wake.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode could have easily been 35 minutes long.  Halfway through the episode Maryann is dead.  Rather than the other shoe dropping, the majority of the remainder of the episode is dénouement – and set up for season three, of course. 

It was definitely a good episode.  Kind of what I imagine Burning Man to be like.  Those first 30 minutes are intense, action-packed, and gripping – if more than a little predictable.  It was one of the funniest and goriest episodes of the entire series – two of my favorite things.   And though the second half was quieter, it has lots of great setup for season three.  Where is Bill?  What will Sam find with his parents?  What kind of teenage angst is Jessica slipping back into?  And what kind of adult angst is Tara slipping back into?  It's going to be torture waiting for season three!

Biting Humor

One of the funniest episodes of the entire series.  Some of my favorite moments:

Maryann asks Sookie what she is, because she isn't human.  "I'm a waitress," she responds, "what the fuck are you?"  The sheriff offers Andy his badge back, despite his years of alcoholism.  "You may have faults, Andy, but at least you have pants on." A couple of random women swap rumors about what happened in the town – it was either alien abduction, a gas leak, the pharmaceutical companies dosing the water with LSD, or the liberal agenda.

Ass Factor

It was PG in the sex department, but you get a nice, clear shot of Sam's ass.  It's delightful.

Blood Count

Plenty to be had: Maryann is violently gored, Eggs has his head blown off, Sam is stabbed, the bridesmaids lick blood off the ceremonial egg (I don't know what that was all about).  Each incident is graphic and gory, and will sate your bloodlust.

Myths Revamped

Apparently, vampires and humans can marry each other – but only in Vermont (and, I would guess, Maine, Massachusetts, and Iowa).