Television Tourniquet: We Bite into ‘True Blood' 3.2



True Blood Episode 3.2
“Beautifully Broken”
Written By: Raelle Tucker
Directed By: Scott Winant
Original Airdate: 20 June 2010

In This Episode...

Sookie brings the Operation Werewolf symbol to Eric who lies to her and tells her he doesn’t know what it is.  He is, of course, lying, and flashes back to WWII, where he and Godric, disguised as Nazis, were hunting the werewolf leader.  The female werewolf they corner trades info for a hit of Eric’s blood.  She reveals that the werewolf leader is a vampire.  Later in the episode, Eric visits Sookie at home and tells her these aren’t “regular” werewolves: they are organized, well-trained, and well-funded.  He senses something and demands an invite in to the house.  Sookie refuses until his fangs come out - Eric means business.  Inside, a werewolf is lurking, and a gun goes off....

Lafayette makes Tara throw up the pills in the toilet, then drags her out of the house with the promise that Lettie Mae will never be in Tara’s life again.  Tara begs Lafayette not to take her to the hospital, fearing institutionalization.  He takes her to an institution, but as a visitor.  His mom, Ruby Jean, is a patient there.  Lafayette says that he and Tara are strong enough to fight the darkness in their families. Tara is scared straight, and Lafayette flirts with his mom’s nurse, Jose.  Back at Merlotte’s, Tara meets a charming British mystery vampire, who seems to have been snooping around for info on Sookie.  When some drunken rednecks start pissing on the spot where Eggs died, she goes ballistic and starts fighting them.  British vamp helps out, holding the guys down while she beats on them.

Bill tears apart the werewolf pack and is down to his last two when the vampire king of Mississippi  rides up on a white steed.  He sent the werewolves to escort Bill to him, and is furious to discover they tortured and fed on him.  Back at the king’s mansion, Bill is a forced houseguest.  He sits down to a lavish formal dinner when the king reveals his motives: he wants Bill to be the sheriff of Mississippi, area two.  He wants to know about Sophie-Anne’s “secret,” but Bill has no interest in the position.  Lorena appears unexpectedly, and an enraged Bill sets her alight with a gas lamp.

Tommy finds Sam asleep in his truck outside his house, and brings him inside.  He introduces himself to Tommy’s parents, and mama Mickens puts the pieces together.  She is a shifter, as is Tommy; papa isn’t.  Tommy is pissed about all this new information, and shifts into dog form to go on a run.  Sam joins him.  Tommy stops in the middle of the road, barking for Sam to join him.  A truck careens around a blind corner and Tommy changes to a bird, flying to safety.  Sam dodges out of the way in the nick o’ time.

Jessica is still trying to deal with the corpse in her floor, and avoids Hoyt’s desperate pleas for forgiveness out of pure guilt and self-hatred.  She finally devises a plan to be rid of the corpse, but when she returns home with a chainsaw in hand, the corpse is gone.

Dig It or Bury It?

Meh.  Tonight’s episode was “meh.”  Not terrible, but not great.  Frankly, I am not surprised.  It usually takes the show a few episodes every season to get ramped up.  The scene where Bill kills Lorena was bizarre.  It seemed out of nowhere - she had not been mentioned once before that scene, and said nothing more than “Hi Bill” before she was on the floor in flames.  It was awkward to say the least.  Eric is starting to reveal his true feelings for Sookie - it’s about time.  

The best part of the episode came after the episode, when they played a new Snoop Dogg video for a song called “Oh Sookie.”  Highlights included a line of backup dancers wearing blonde wigs and Merlotte’s uniforms; a giant gold bling ring that spelled out “Sookie”; and lyrics along the lines of “we can do it in the daytime,” “I’ll have gin & juice at Merlotte’s,” and “bring Tara - I’ve got some Eggs she can eat.”  At the end of the video, Snoop opens his jacket to reveal an I Heart Sookie tee.

Myths Revamped

Jessica seeks advice from Pam about learning how to stop feeding without killing her host.  “It’s in the blood,” Pam tells her.  The heart slows.  In order to physically stop herself, Pam imagines maggots or crying children with dirty diapers - the vampire equivalent to thinking about baseball. 

Apparently there is more than one way to drink blood.  Talbot, the king’s companion, offers up an exquisite meal, consisting of humanely-harvested carbonated blood with a citrus finish (the donor ate nothing but tangerines for weeks); blood bisque with a rose petal infusion; and blood gelato.

Ass Factor

They blew their wad (pun intended) with the premiere episode.  Aside from some side butt from shapeshifters and a hint of female werewolf nipple, this episode was devoid of nudity and even more devoid of sex.

Blood Count

Also fairly low, but the episode did open with Bill violently gnawing the ear off a werewolf and throwing it to the ground, where we pull back to reveal a mangled, bloody pile of corpses and body parts.

Biting Humor

After Sookie tells Jason about her run-in with werewolves, Jason is shocked and excited to learn that werewolves are real, and starts to ask about other mythological creatures: is Bigfoot real?  Santa?


Looks like the action kicks in next week.  The king wants Bill to turn Sookie; a new headless corpse pops up; and Tara fucks the British vamp and out of sheer self-destruction, begs to be turned.