Television Tourniquet: We Bite into 'True Blood' 2.7


True Blood Episode 2.7 "Release Me"
Written By: Raelle Tucker
Directed By: Michael Ruscio
Original Airdate: 2 August 2009

In This Episode….

Still locked in the church basement, Sookie is trying to calm down a very claustrophobic Hugo.  Steve comes in – with Gabe as backup – friendly as can be.  All he wants are a few questions answered, which Hugo is all too eager to give up.  In fact, he starts offering up information before Steve can ask for it.  When he mentions Sookie is a Stackhouse, Steve recognizes the name and storms off.  Sookie reads Hugo's thoughts and discovers it is he who is the traitor.  Hugo finally opens up.  His love for Isabel is an addiction, an obsession.  When Isabel refused to turn him, Hugo feels betrayed and goes to the church, looking for a "cure."  Sookie insists the church is just using him as well.

And where is Bill?  He feels Sookie's terror, but is still being held captive by his maker, Lorena (after hearing a dozen different names for her, I finally looked it up – boy, was I off).  Sookie is concerned that Bill can't find her, so she sends a telepathic message to bellhop Barry.  Barry delivers the message through the closed hotel room door, and it encourages Bill to break free of Lorena.  Left to her own devices, Lorena turns Barry into lunch.

Steve confronts Jason, who thinks his and Sarah's secret has been discovered – especially since Sarah insists on being honest with her husband.  But instead, Steve accuses Jason of being a spy and a fang-banger.  Jason is relieved, but only for a moment, as Gabe is dragging him through the woods, knife to his throat, ready to "send him to hell."  Steve then goes off to have a little chat with his wife.  Gabe insults Jason and his "whore of a sister," which enrages Jason, and he beats the shit out of Gabe and runs.  Gabe returns to the basement, where Hugo gets pissy with him, and Gabe takes out his frustrations on him.  Sookie eventually jumps into the fray, which angers Gabe even more.  He throws her down and attempts to rape her, when a vamp swoops in to her rescue, throwing Gabe across the room.  But it's not Bill – it's Godric (yeah, like you didn't see that one coming).  Meanwhile, Jason is still running through the forest.  A golf cart rolls up, and he is relieved to see it is only Sarah – until she pulls out a gun and shoots him point-blank.

Elsewhere in the bayou…  Andy stumbles upon Maryann's orgy/ritual.  Firing his gun into the air frightens Maryann enough to lose her control over the situation.  Sam runs, and Maryann gives chase.  But Sam turns into an owl and flies away.  No one believes Andy's ramblings, except Tara, who woke up on the couch that morning with Eggs, and no recollection of what happened last night or how they ended up on the couch.  The pieces are finally falling into place for Tara when Arlene admits that she got Terry liquored up, blacked out, and thinks she may have date-raped him.

Sam confronts Daphne, and we finally get some answers.  Maryann is god – or close to it.  Technically, she is a maenad, a handmaid to the Greek goddess Dionysus.  She tells Sam not to fight Maryann's will – go to her, maybe she will make you immortal.  After all, there has never been a time that Maryann didn't exist.  The black eyes?  That is Maryann controlling her puppets.  She cannot, however, take over a supernatural.  Which is why when Maryann later meets Daphne on the dock, it is Eggs who is under Maryann's control.  She makes him stab Daphne deep in the abdomen.

Dig It or Bury It?

The show dragged a few places in the middle, but it opens with a bang and ends with a bang.  The biggest relief to me was that there was finally recognition that the Stackhouse siblings had not forgotten each other.  I'm not sure if Sookie knows Jason is in the church – Gabe mentions it as he is ripping open Sookie's dress, but it didn't register with her – for good reason.

I do not want to believe that Jason is dead.  Daphne is definitely a goner – blood was pouring out of her mouth, and she was always billed as a guest star.  When Jason is shot, you see no blood, no bullet wound, no body hitting the floor.  Just Jason's look of shock and fear, and the sound of a gunshot.  I am betting he is not really dead – maybe it was rubber bullets, or blanks.  After all, he brought Sarah closer to god than she had ever been, so if she shot Jason, wouldn't that be like shooting god, too?

Ass Factor

All the sex was used up in the last episode – everyone needs to recharge, apparently.  The show does open with the tail end (pun intended) of Maryann's orgy, and Jason and Sarah post-coital in the church.  Hoyt admits to Jessica he is a virgin, as is she, and he gives the hotel room the stereotypical roses-and-candles treatment in preparation of their first time.

There was something very, very dirty about Sarah and Jason in the church – more so than just the sex in the church.  Sarah is in her bra and slip, then stands to get dressed.  She pulls on her skirt, buttons on her blouse… then when she is fully clothed and ready to leave, she grabs her panties and pulls them on.  That just comes across naughty!

Myths Revamped

Apparently even vampires need eight hours or so of beauty rest.  If they are awake during the day – even if they are in a pitch-black room – they still grow ill.  After a few hours, they bleed from their nose and ears.  I don't remember this being mentioned previously, but it was mentioned tonight by both Bill and Jessica separately. 

In a flashback to Los Angeles, 1935, we get another glimpse of Lorena and Bill's tortured history.  He claims he tried to love her but couldn't – he resented her for turning him into a killer.  He threatens her with a jagged chunk of wood, then turns it on himself.  Leaking bloody tears, Lorena "releases" Bill.  Apparently vampires must remain loyal and bound to their makers unless they are "let off the hood."

Blood Count

Just Daphne this week, because I refuse to believe that Jason is dead.