Television Tourniquet: We Bite Into 'True Blood' 3.3



True Blood Episode 3.3
“It Hurts Me Too”
Written By: Alexander Woo
Directed By: Michael Lehmann
Original Airdate: 27 June 2010

In This Episode...

...Eric throws himself in front of the bullet meant for the intruding werewolf.  Eric kills him when he won’t reveal his master, but Sookie gets a read on “Jackson” - not a person Jackson, but Jackson, Mississippi.  When Eric can’t talk Sookie out of going to Jackson to find Bill, he sends a friendly werewolf, Alcide, to escort her.  A stop off at Lou Pine’s werewolf bar sees Sookie slutting it up to wrangle some info out of the thuggish patrons.  Alcide has his own reasons for escorting Sookie.  His ex, Debbie, is “banging the pack leader.”  The only information we get at the bar is that Debbie is now engaged to said pack leader, Cooter.

Bill has dreams/nightmares about his old life.  A couple years after he is turned, he returns home to Bon Temps to see his human wife, Caroline, and bury their dead child, Thomas.  When Caroline sees Bill cry tears, she loses her shit, and Lorena steps in.  She forces Bill to glamour Caroline into forgetting all about him.  Remembering Lorena’s words of advice - that the best way a vampire can show love for their human is by having no contact with them - Bill renounces his Louisiana allegiance and accepts the position in Mississippi.

Jessica is visited by Tara’s one night stand, Franklin.  He is the one who made Jessica’s “little problem” go away by dumping the corpse in a drainage ditch, later discovered by Hoyt and the road crew.  Franklin kept the head and hands to prevent identification and scare Jessica.  He demands info on Bill, Sookie, Tara, and other residents of Bon Temps.  He then surprises Tara at Sookie’s house (the two made up and she moved back in) and glamours his way into the house.

Also: Sam’s biological family pay him a less-than-welcome surprise at Merlotte’s; Eric gives Lafayette a sexy sports car to entice him into becoming the preeminent V dealer in Louisiana; Arlene discovers that she is at least nine weeks pregnant, meaning the baby can’t be Terry’s - but Terry’s excitement prevents her from revealing this fact; Jason decides he wants to be a cop, but he doesn’t want to take the test or go through training - he wants it now, now, now; and Sheriff Bud, fed up with the constant corpses, quits.

Dig It or Bury It?

The episode opens with vamp-on-were violence, and ends with vamp-on-vamp sex.  That’s a winner in my book.  The innards of this True Blood  sandwich are pretty decent.  There was not enough violence, but there is rarely enough.  A lot of fang-baring.  I am digging the arrival of Franklin.  He’s rakishly sexy without taking himself seriously.  The scene in Lou Pine’s bar felt a little... awkward.  Sookie was slutting it up to the point where it looked like she was trying to organize a werewolf gangbang.  The plan seemed to be to get the werewolves to think that they could fuck the vampire out of her, and be forced to think about vampires at the same time, at which point Sookie would read their mind and get some info on the “vampire they kidnapped.”  Frankly, it’s a piss-poor plan and all Sookie was able to identify was one of Bill’s captors.

Myths Revamped

Apparently werewolves have a worse addiction to V than vampires have to B - as evidenced by the way the trespassing werewolf went berserk when he got a whiff of it on Eric.  Lorena teaches us that “the only way to show a human you care for them is to stay away forever.”

Ass Factor

A fair amount of sex tonight, but light on the nudity.  Pam eats out the Eastern European stripper that Eric was banging in the season premiere, but each are dressed in cheap corsets and fetish wear.  Tara and Franklin have what is quite possibly the most disturbing sex scene I have ever seen.  It was both slow and violent at the same time, but the truly disturbing part was Tara’s eyes.  They were rolling and spasming in the sockets like she was having a stroke.  If I ever saw someone acting like that, I would call the paramedics.  That shit was scary.

The flip side (literally) was Bill and Lorena’s angry fuck to close out the episode.  After announcing his plans to stay in Jackson, he vows to Lorena that he will never love her.  To prove it to her, he throws her down on the bed and pile drives her in a way that no human could ever survive, all the while shouting about how he would never love her.  But it doesn’t stop there....

Blood Count

...because Bill pushes Lorena’s head to the side... further... further... until her head has turned a full 180 degrees and he is fucking a faceless body.  Lorena, head dangling over the edge of the bed and staring straight down, grins with delight as blood drips down her chin.

The Eric-on-Werewolf scene that opened the episode was no less violent.  There was something fascinating and particularly gruesome about the way Eric tore open that were’s neck.  You could almost hear the tendons ripping, and see chunks of meat dangling from Eric’s chin.


Bill calls Sookie to tell her he is not returning because he has caused her too much pain already.  Sookie seeks comfort in Eric’s arms (though I suspect it may be a ruse) and Bill attempts to get permission from the Mississippi King to kill Eric (permission denied).