Television Tourniquet -- We Bite into 'True Blood' Episode 2.3



True Blood Episode 2.2 "Scratches"
Written By: Raelle Tucker
Directed By: Scott Winant
Original Airdate: 28 June 2009

In This Episode…

Bill is driving his girls home from Jessica's parent's house, and he is beyond furious with Sookie.  They fight, and she insists on walking home.  She is scarcely out of view of the car when she is attacked by a shadowy half-human, half-bull demony thing.  The creature scratches Sookie's back fiercely, and her screams bring Bill running.  She has been paralyzed, and Bill's blood just sends her into convulsions.  Rushing her to Fangtasia, Eric brings in a creaky, cranky doc to treat Sookie.  She determines that Sookie has been badly poisoned, and pours some sort of acid into Sookie's deep wounds that makes her flesh bubble and Sookie scream.  The good doc digging her fingers into the wounds probably didn't help either.  But it acts as an antidote and allows Sookie's body to accept Bill's blood.  Eric sends his cronies into the forest for a little recon.  They find human footprints, an animal scent, and no creature.

Sookie remains at the bar to rest, and when she wakes the next day, she is fully healed.  Ginger, the barmaid, is friendly to Sookie – almost so much as to spill her secret.  Sookie senses this, reads Ginger's thoughts, and discovers Lafayette is being kept prisoner in the basement.  When Bill returns and swears he knew nothing of Lafayette's captivity, he helps broker a deal with Eric.  Eric will let Lafayette go, but Sookie must head to Dallas to search for the missing vamps.  All expenses will be paid, plus a $10,000 bonus, and Bill will chaperone. 

Jason is still at Vamp Camp.  During group therapy, he admits that he has never been wronged by a vampire – in fact, he has met a few that he liked.  The group is shocked.  When Sarah points out that a person would not cause the abuse that other members have experienced at the fangs of vampires, Jason counters by saying his grandmother and girlfriend were both killed by a person.  Jason is pissed off and leaves.  Sarah chases after him, and tells how when vamps came out of the coffin, she marched for vamp rights – until one of them got her sister hooked on V and made her disappear.  Jason is won back and they pray.

Jessica gets all dolled up and heads into Merlotte's.  She flirts with Hoyt, but her eye is on the prize: his pulsing jugular.  But his kind words and sweet demeanor make her rethink dinner, and instead she orders a True Blood.  Later they go back to Bill's house.  Jessica is embarrassed when her fangs appear while they are making out, but Hoyt reassures her that it doesn't bother him, and she attacks.  Bill and Sookie come home just in time, but all they interrupt is some heavy petting.

Sam is packing up – he needs to get out of Dodge for a while.  Before he leaves, he goes for one last run with his dog friend.  Sam jumps off a small dock and into the lake.  Doggie decides not to follow, but Daphne does.  She flirts her way into a skinny dip with Sam.  As she pulls off her shirt, we see huge, deep claw scars along her back…

Dig It or Bury It?

A much better episode this week.  Watching a skeletal old dwarf dig around in grotesque wounds alone is worth the cost of admission.  I'm really digging Eric.  He has this evil benevolence going on – oxymorons are so appealing.  I hope Lafayette recovers from the trauma of his imprisonment.  He swears to give up the V life, and the episode ends with him wrapping himself in an afghan and weeping.  But Lafayette just isn't the same without heavy eyeliner, glittery scarves, and a sashay that would put Marilyn Monroe to shame.  It does seem like in every episode Sookie and Bill are fighting about some nonsense – I'm not sure if I prefer the frustration of their constant fights, or the nauseating lovey-dovey affection that they have.  Those two seem to swing towards extremes.  I am a getting a little tired of the whole vampires-as-allegory-for-homosexuality aspect.  We get it, thanks.  I have a migraine from being hit over the head with it.

Blood Count

Well, I think I covered Sookie's thrashed back pretty well.  It was delightful.  Not as "gory" as some of the stuff on, say, CSI or House, but it's so nice to see practical FX at work, instead of crappy, half-assed computer effects that are supposed to be cool and revolutionary but look more like Game Boy graphics.

Ass Factor

Maryann throws a party of Caligula proportions.  Everywhere Tara looks, there are topless girls dancing, couples having sex in the pool, even a fat naked man streaking through the party. 

Myths Revamped

It seems that getting hot n' bothered can also give you fang-face.  Is that like the vampire equivalent of a hard-on?

Biting Humor

While dining with the Newlins, Sarah serves Steve and Jason some banana pudding.  When she pops back in the kitchen for the whipped cream, Steve tells Jason, "My wife must think you are pretty special.  She doesn't whip out her pudding for just anyone."  Yes, I have the sense of humor of a pre-adolescent boy.