Television Tourniquet: We Cut Open 'Dexter' - Episode 3.7!




Dexter Episode 7
“Easy as Pie”
Directed by: Steve Shill
Written by: Lauren Gussis
Original Airdate: November 9, 2008

In This Episode…


Deb’s the focus, far more than Dex.  Wendell’s mom blames Deb for her son’s murder, just because she found Deb’s card in Wendell’s pocket.  This sets Deb off on a caffeine-induced frenzy that eventually points her to a new lead in the Skinner case: all the trees around the victims’ houses have recently been trimmed.  But in the meantime, Batista puts word out on the street that Anton knows where Freebo is – essentially making him bait.  This, of course, does not sit well with Deb.  She makes sure to warn him.  But instead of leaving the city, he tells Deb that he would rather stay and be her bait.  Then, they kiss.  Hardcore.  About damn time!

Dexter’s biggest concern this week is for his friend Camilla.  Remember, she is the old friend of Harry’s who works in records at the police department.  Well, she did work there.  She’s now in hospice care, waiting to die a slow, painful death from end-stage lung cancer.  Surprise, surprise: she wants Dexter to euthanize her.  She tells Dexter she knows his brother was the Ice Truck Killer.

Miguel becomes an annoyance to Dexter.  His personal hatred towards defense attorney Ellen Wolf is intensifying.  He is adamant that Dexter take her out.  Of course, she doesn’t fit Dex’s code – she’s just doing her job.  Poor Dexter, so unaccustomed to friendship he thinks Miguel’s anger at him for refusing to do in Wolf signals an end in their friendship.  But after Wolf helps bring her client/killer into police custody (all while still holding on to her ethics – whatever those may be), Miguel’s view of her softens.  And he apologizes wholeheartedly to Dexter.

On the home front, Rita is totally consumed with wedding plans.  And Sil is concerned that Miguel is going to a very dark place – his temper growing as his patience shrinks.

Dig It or Bury It?

This is definitely one of the more psychological episodes.  From the moment Camilla fell ill, everyone knew she was going to ask Dexter to euthanize her.  Dexter does not jump at the chance, as one might think.  She doesn’t fit his code, and I think he’s afraid that killing her will open up a door he doesn’t want to go through.  If he discovers that killing the innocent is as easy as killing the guilty, what’s to stop him from a murderous rampage throughout Miami… then all of Florida… then all of America!  Ok, so that’s not likely.  But still – can he cross that line? 

Wedding planning was a good source of humor in this episode.  Rita is the typical bride, worrying about caterers and guest lists.  When she tells Dexter there must be more people he wants to invite than just his sister, Dex spends half the episode ruminating on it.  He ends up asking Miguel to be his best man.  Kind of bummed me out – I figured he would ask Deb.  But then again, that may be way too far outside Dexter’s bubble to even enter his consciousness.

I thought the Miguel story this episode was a bit weak.  Sil builds him up to be this scary, angry man who keeps going to a “dark place,” but we see little of that, save for him yelling at her for dropping a wine glass.  Plus, he “forgives” Ellen Wolf a little too quickly.  All resentment towards her vanishes when she helps bring the police their man.

Flashback to the Future

For the first time in as long as I can remember (which, admittedly, is scarcely farther back than yesterday), Harry makes no appearance in this episode.  We do get to see a handful of old photos of Dexter (“the awkward years”) when Camilla bequeaths to him a box of pics.


A no-brainer.  When Dexter asks Deb where he can get a good key lime pie, her response is: “You can’t.  They all taste like sour dog shit.”  I don’t even want to imagine how Deb knows what sour dog shit tastes like.  An honorable mention goes to Deb’s description of how much coffee she had had: “a metric fuck ton.”

Body Bags

Our police department victim is not another Skinner vic – a pretty blonde coed who’s fallen victim to a B&E gone very wrong.  While she’s ultimately the catalyst for the Ellen Wolf storyline, she’s otherwise uninteresting.

Dexter’s only victim this week is his dear friend Camilla.  But she’s not a true victim – Dexter poisons her key lime pie.  An obviously poetic death, as Camilla’s spent her life looking for the perfect key lime pie.  The pies Dexter has brought her thus far have been subpar at best, but this is certainly her “perfect” pie.  It’s interesting to note that, as he feeds her the pie, he admits that he knew his brother was a killer, and it was Dexter himself who killed him.  With her dying breath, Camilla tells him, “It’s a good thing you did.”  Dexter seems surprised by this approval, this absolution.  He does not take a blood slide from this kill – this is not one he is proud of.

A bonus body flashes by in the opening sequence, a dream Dexter is having in which Miguel – dressed for a day on the links – enters his kill room. (Dexter, for the record, is not sure if that was a bad dream or not).


It seems that, in the next episode, Miguel figures out Freebo wasn’t Dexter’s first kill (duh, it took you this long to figure that out?!), and he decides he’s ready to “get his hands dirty.”  Dexter almost seems excited to share his kill room with Miguel.  But we all know how deceiving these “scenes from next week’s episode” can be.  Those editors can really fuck with footage.  I am still not one-hundred percent convinced it will happen, but it does seem a logical direction for the show to go in.  But let’s face it – it will not end well for Miguel.  I foresee him taking the fall for more of Dexter’s handiwork.  I hope it isn’t until next season, though.

And I still think Quinn is the Skinner.  We did learn from Yuki that, not only did she and Quinn never have a fling (told you so), but the reason he was under investigation was that because of his “cutting corners” a fellow cop died.  Totally plausible, but why the hell would they bother bringing the character in just to have been partially responsible for the death of a cop?  Nope, I am sticking to my guns on this one.

Oh, and it is ridiculously obvious, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Deb plans on Anton being her +1 to Dexter and Rita’s wedding.  But of course there are bound to be complications.  I hope he doesn’t die or go to prison.  Deb has lost way too many boyfriends.