'There Goes the Neighborhood, Part II' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.2


Being Human Episode 1.2
"There Goes the Neighborhood, Part II"
Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke
Directed By: Adam Kane
Original Airdate: 24 January 2011

In This Episode...

Aidan pulls himself away from his blood whore long enough to get Josh's voicemail. He zips over to the hospital, pulls Emily out of the room and locks Josh in. She talks with Aidan, who explains that Josh has a "condition." Emily takes this to mean madness. Later, when Josh humanizes, she is desperate to be part of his life. He seems to be considering it, but in the end he pushes her away.

Aidan is not happy when he discovers that Bishop "saved" Rebecca by vampirizing her. When she tries to attack Josh - recoiling when she sniffs the wolf in him - Josh becomes furious with Aidan. Later, at the bar, Kara approaches Aidan. He buys her a drink and calls Josh to get down there. Rebecca crashes the party, upsets Kara, and attacks her in the alley. Josh desperately wants Aidan to save her, but he refuses. Eventually Josh sees that Aidan is carrying a huge burden on his back, and his anger passes.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was something lacking about this episode. Already episode two, and I am getting bored. This episode was wrapping up the loose ends from last week's episode, but all in all, it was anti-climactic. Obviously Josh wasn't going to tear his sister apart. Aidan wasn't about to tear Kara apart. Sally's screams wouldn't get through to Danny. There was nothing about this episode that furthered the story.

I am not as fond of the American cast as I am the British cast, but one character, Rebecca, sticks out. In the British version, she is less whiny, and more angry. American Rebecca can't decide if she wants revenge on Aidan or if she wants him to love her. She comes off needy, clingy, and insecure.

Brits vs. Yanks

The episodes are too similar. I expect each series to follow the same storyline; I don't expect them to recreate scenes shot for shot. Tonight's opening sequence was almost shot-for-shot the same as the British opening series. Last week it was endearing. This week it is sad and obnoxious.

Bloody Hell

Kara went down in a pool of her own blood in an alley, and Rebecca had blood smeared sloppily over her face, but it was fairly unspectacular.

Myths Revamped

I'm still waiting to find out why Being Human's vampires can walk in the daylight.


The boys bring home a new ghost for Sally to play with.