TV Autopsy: 'Hannibal' Season 1



hannibalIt is no secret that Hannibal is my favorite new show of the year, and after watching the entire season, this still holds true. 

It's not a show for everyone. Every minute of every episode is one of quiet tension, with the only relief found in occasional, shocking bouts of violence. It is a show that requires patience because it doesn't fit into the formulaic pattern of network television. Luckily the performances are brilliant and the scenes lush to look at, making patience easy to come by.

I am so excited (and a little surprised) that Hannibal will return for a second season. And frankly, I am not sure where the second season will go. Hannibal is not going to suddenly become a Will-apologizer; he won’t try to get Will out of jail. Alana will likely get Will released into her custody. I can’t imagine that Will will remain a suspect for the entire season, but it is a very fine line that Hannibal can walk without giving himself away. If he kills Will, suspicions will be focused on Hannibal; if he doesn’t kill Will, eventually he will be able to convince someone that Hannibal is actually the killer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Will has to submit to ECT at some point during the season, perhaps to earn his release. I am thinking there will be plenty of scenes between Will and Hannibal, with Will both trying to prove that Hannibal is the killer and that he is not crazy.

The two characters have such a fantastic dynamic that they have to keep playing off one another. Will suffers from pure empathy, while Hannibal, as a psychopath, feels nothing. The writers of Hannibal have a really tight grip on how to portray mental illness in a way that never feels cartoony or stereotypical, and I really hope that continues. I hope that the rumors are true: that David Bowie will guest star as Hannibal's uncle. I cannot think of a more amazing casting decision (except, you know, for every other role on this show... Gillian Anderson... Eddie Izzard...). 

Also, I think Will needs another dog or two. 

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