TV Recap: '666 Park Ave.' Episode 101 - 'Pilot'


666 Park Ave. Episode 101
Written By: David Wilcox
Directed By: Alex Graves
Original Airdate: 30 September 2012

In This Episode...

Henry and Jane are a young, unmarried couple, looking to move from Brooklyn to Manhattan. He works for the mayor; she is an unemployed architect. They answer an ad on Craigslist, looking for a live-in building manager at the Drake, an exclusive, historic apartment building that  was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The building’s owner, Gavin Durand, is not thrilled by the couple, but Jane’s extensive knowledge of architectural history wins him over, and they have the job. Gavin’s wife, Olivia, is enthralled by the couple, and sees Jane as a “way to get to Henry.”

While not specifically stated, Gavin is clearly Satan. The former on-site manager’s contract was up. A concert violinist, Hartwell slices his fingers during a performance, signaling that Gavin has come to collect. After the show, he begs Gavin for just one more year, but clearly, the devil is not interested in negotiations. The Drake sucks him into a bright blue void of light. Other signs that he is the devil include various suspicious looks, quick temper, and the fact that Terry O’Quinn is the actor playing Gavin.

While Jane is down in the basement doing various managerial duties, she discovers a massive tile mosaic of a dragon on the floor. Gavin initially does not want her help with the upcoming retrofitting, which worries Jane - she doesn’t want to see an original feature of the building destroyed. Research into the Drake yields the discovery of a secret door hidden behind what is clearly a false wall, and Jane discovers that strange occult meetings used to occur down there.

Other characters that I suspect we will see again include Nona, a teenager who likes to steal trinkets from the residents. She also may have some sort of psychic ability, as she has visions of Jane, bound and terrified. There is also Brian and Louise, a married couple. She is a successful, sometimes demanding fashion photographer; he is a struggling playwright, easily distracted by the pretty blonde who lives in the apartment directly across from him. The blonde teases Brian, at first unknowingly. But when she sees him looking, she flirts back. Brian is not happy to discover that the blonde, Alexis, is Louise’s new camera assistant - but not for long, as one evening Louise gets caught in the elevator doors. They smash her up pretty good before Brian and Tony, the doorman, can get it to stop and get her in an ambulance.  

Dig It or Bury It?

Off to a pleasing start. It’s not perfect, but it is also the pilot. It is darker and less soapy than I expected. For a deeper analysis (because I hate repeating myself), check out my 666 Park Ave. review.

Meet the Neighbors

One of Gavin’s unhappy dealmakers is John Barlow. John’s wife, Mary, killed herself not too long ago, by jumping from the window of the mental hospital she was confined to. Devastated, John makes a deal with Gavin: if John kills a person that Gavin dictates, he will bring Mary back to life. John does so, and is blessed with Mary’s return. But it is only a few days before Mary starts to decompose and Gavin informs John that he must continue killing in order to keep Mary around. He is given another victim, but at the last minute John can’t do it. Mary, once again, throws herself from a building (this time, the Drake). Jane sees it - or thinks she does, as she wakes and it appears to all be a dream.


I am surprised to say this, but I am looking forward to the next episode.