TV Recap: '666 Park Avenue' Episode 107 - 'Downward Spiral'




666 Park Avenue Episode 107
“Downward Spiral”
Written By: Leigh Dana Jackson & Mimi Won Techentin
Directed by: J. Miller Tobin
Original Airdate: 11 November 2012

In This Episode...

Jane is still intent on going back home to Indiana. She even has Walter, the doorman, turn in her letter of resignation to Gavin. Henry clearly doesn’t want her to leave. Olivia and Gavin clearly don’t want her to leave, so they suggest that Henry propose to her. Olivia takes him ring shopping. While there, Shaw surprises her and asks Olivia to cut the ties with Gavin - he wants her to betray her husband. When she tells this to Gavin, he suggests she play along with him, mainly to keep tabs on him.

At her grandmother’s behest, Nona begs Jane not to leave the Drake. She is the only person she can trust - even after Jane wants to call social services when she discovers Nona is caring for her old, sickly grandma. Nona shows Jane the collection of news clippings about the Drake, first started by her grandma, now continued (as much as possible) by Nona. One of the things in her grandmother’s collection of Drake paraphernalia is a photo of Jane when she was eight years old. Jane is mystified - she didn’t leave Indiana until she was in high school.

Dr. Evans sewed a scalpel into Kaminsky’s stomach while he was operating on him. Kaminsky presses his skin until the scalpel cuts its way out. He then starts screaming and guards come running. He uses the scalpel to kill them. Kaminsky goes to Gavin, who needs Kaminsky to bring Shaw to him - alive. Dr. Evans is furious about being used and demands Gavin let him out of his contract. Gavin refuses and even adds another $10,000 to his debt. Evans is a mess and decides to pull a gun on Gavin during a symphony fundraiser. He is distracted when Shaw collapses in spasms, thanks to a poisoned kiss from Olivia. Evans is honor-bound to go help Shaw. He rides with him in the ambulance, and is soon introduced to the driver, Kaminsky, who is bringing Shaw back to Gavin. It is Evans’s job to keep him alive.

Jane decides she loves Henry too much to go home without him, and she can’t ask him to give up on his dreams. They are on a love high and leave the fundraiser early. In the lobby of the Drake, Nona stops them and speaks to Jane privately - her grandmother is missing. Henry goes upstairs (where Olivia has decked the place out in candles and rose petals) and waits for Jane to come back up so he can propose. Jane and Nona find grandma in the basement. She snatches Jane’s necklace off her and holds it up to her eye. Jane realizes that this signifies the eye of the mosaic in the floor. It was the only tile not original to the design. Jane puts her pendant in place of the eye pendant. The tiles start to fall away, and a never-ending spiral staircase (the one from all the ads) appears. Jane feels like she is meant to go down there, so she descends. The floor swallows her up, sealing itself behind her.

Also: Brian comes home to grab some things, runs into Alexis, and they have sex. Of course, it is after that Brian discovers Dr. Evans didn’t bang his wife - someone pulled a prank, and that someone was Alexis.

Dig It or Bury It?

Finally - we are getting into the dirt. Literally. The plot is starting to take shape a bit. I am ready to get a better idea of what Gavin’s master plan is, why he needs his pandora’s box back, and what the hell is going on with the Drake. I am intrigued to find out what kind of Wonderland Jane has gotten herself in to, an am also hoping this will cut back on her screen time. Though I have to admit, she and Henry are starting to annoy me slightly less. Slightly.

Meet the Neighbors

In 1998, Nona’s mother, Melanie, came to visit her mom Claudia, who lived in the Drake. Melanie was “watch your shoes” pregnant with Nona at the time, and Claudia was furious that her daughter would come here while pregnant. She made her promise not to come around while she was pregnant. On the way out of the building, the elevator jammed and Melanie goes into labor right then and there. This makes Nona a “child of the Drake,” and she insists Jane is one as well.


Henry is worried sick over Jane’s disappearance. Olivia is torturing Shaw when he blurts out that Olivia’s only daughter is still alive.