TV Recap: 'American Horror Story: Coven' Episode 307 - 'The Dead'


American Horror Story: Coven Episode 307
“The Dead”
Written By: Brad Falchuck
Directed By: Bradley Buecker
Original Airdate: 20 November 2013

In This Episode...

Zoe doesn’t really know what to do with Kyle. So she comes at him with a gun. Kyle wrests it away from her, but then points it at himself. Now Zoe pulls it away. The gun goes off, but no one is injured. Since she can’t bring herself to kill Kyle, Zoe decides to teach him how to communicate: when he is tired, he should say “bed;” when he is hungry, he should say “food.” I don’t know why he doesn’t just say “tired” or “hungry.” Madison comes in to tell her that Cordelia wants to see Zoe, so she “babysits” for Kyle. Cordelia “saw” that Fiona killed Madison and wants to warn Zoe that she will be after her next if she suspects that Zoe could be the next supreme. Since Zoe was able to summon - and get rid of - the Axeman, Cordelia seems to think Zoe could be a supreme contender. Zoe is scared - what do they do? Cordelia wants to kill Fiona. Zoe ponders this and returns to her bedroom - where she finds Kyle fucking Madison up against the wall.

To distract herself, Zoe turns her attention to Spalding. When Spalding wakes from his nap he finds he is tied to his bed - and he can talk. Zoe found his tongue in the closet cubby, wet and alive, preserved by Myrtle Snow, who did not have the magical know-how to reattach it. Zoe did, and did it while Spalding was asleep. The tongue is still enchanted, and when questioned, he has no choice but to admit that it was Fiona who killed Madison, and he would defend her with every ounce of his being. That is all the confirmation that Zoe needs, and she stabs him in the chest. She showers to clean his blood off her, and is ambushed by Madison, who wants to talk about what she walked in on. Zoe doesn’t want to talk, and Madison doesn’t want to give up Kyle - being with him was the first time she was able to feel since she returned. Madison says they can share. She takes Zoe into the bedroom, where Kyle is sitting on the bed waiting for her. Then Madison sits next to him and reaches out her hand. Kyle mimics her. Zoe considers this, then takes both their hands, drops her towel, and climbs into bed with both of them.

Fiona, meanwhile, is hooking up with the Axeman. Well, she is about to when she discovers clumps of her hair falling out. She tries to leave, but he lures her back with a description of playing music that is overtly sexual. The next morning, as Fiona tries to leave, he reveals that he has been watching her since she was a little girl. A flashback shows an older witch named Helen picking on younger witches. She is especially harsh to a young Fiona, and is crushed under a bookcase. That was the Axeman. (Fiona “always knew I didn’t do it.”) At first Axeman saw Fiona as the daughter he never had, but as she grew up, his love for her changed. He knew they were kindred souls. Fiona doesn’t buy his sob story and leaves, but she can’t stay away and picks him up later that night after his set.

Queenie visits Marie, who is surprised it took the girl as long as it did to come visit her. Though Queenie doesn’t ask, Marie tells her that she can “join their family” and live with her. The cost of admission is Delphine Lalaurie. Marie suggests she ask Delphine about her past. Queenie does, and Delphine admits to the worst thing she has ever done. It seems that her husband was having an affair with one of her kitchen slaves, and she was out for two weeks while she birthed his baby. Delphine invites the girl, Sally, to be her handmaiden. Sally reports to Delphine’s bedroom that night to help her with her beauty routine. That is when Delphine shows her her favorite beauty routine: young human blood brushed over her face. In this case, it is very young blood. The blood of Sally’s newborn son. Sally killed herself the next day. Queenie is understandably horrified by this, but understands that Delphine has changed. To honor this, Queenie takes her to get her hair done. Of course, she takes her to Marie’s salon. She figures it out too late, and Delphine is locked in a cage. Queenie gets first cut, and Marie paints her face with Delphine’s blood.

Dig It or Bury It?

Is there anything better than seeing Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett in a scene together? I love Jessica Lange, but it feels like she is playing the same character season after season, which makes it somehow less special. 

Delphine is becoming a conundrum to me. I almost want to believe that she is trying to change, but the kind of change we are talking about is not the kind that happens over the span of a few weeks. (Yes, she is a zillion years old, but you know what I mean.) She seemed to adjust to serving a black girl very well. Yes, Queenie saved her life, and that can be pretty profound, but she seems to actually have affection for Queenie. She shows remorse for things she did in her “former” life, but the kind of hell she perpetrated on her victims is not a casual kind of torture. You have to be a true psychopath to strangle someone with their own intestines. I almost feel like, with tonight’s episode, we are supposed to see Marie as the “bad guy” and Delphine as the “victim.”


Delphine tries to talk Queenie into freeing her; Zoe is dead-set on killing Fiona; and Fiona (who is still with Axeman) is hellbent on living, just to spite her and Cordelia.