TV Recap: 'American Horror Story' Episode 105 - 'Halloween, pt. 2'


American Horror Story Episode 105

"Halloween pt. 2"

Written By: Tim Minear

Directed By: David Semel

Original Airdate: 2 November 2011

In This Episode...

In the second of the Halloween two-parter, everyone is being haunted, which should be a shock to no one - except for the characters in the show, apparently. Violet isn't abducted by Rubber Man; she sneaks off the the beach with Tate. While there, a quintet of high school kids starts harassing them, and the two head back to Violet's house. It should surprise no one that these kids aren't wearing gory Halloween makeup; they are the kids Tate killed in a school massacre. They follow Tate and Violet back to the Harmon house, and Tate lures them away to protect Violet. They are adamant that he admit what he did. Tate steadfastly refuses, but the ghosts are out of time - the sun is coming up and they must leave.

Back from the hospital, and getting a call from Violet that she is safe, Vivien can go back to being mad at Ben. She goes upstairs to take a bath, while Ben goes outside and beats the crap out of Larry (who he accuses of being in cahoots with Hayden). While the tub runs, Vivien gets a call from Hayden. Their conversation is civil until Hayden tells Vivien about the dirty things Ben said to her ("Between my legs, I taste like raspberries and cream"). Viv hangs up on her and tries to calm down - but when she sees "Ask him" written in the steam on the mirror, she runs downstairs to alert Ben that Hayden is in the house.

Ben finds Hayden in the basement. She is upset that she didn't get a proper burial and is "rotting from the inside out." There seems to be a hint that if Ben tells Vivien everything, Hayden will stop haunting him. Meanwhile, Vivien is upstairs dealing with an irate Chad, who is trashing the front yard. She locks the front door to keep him out, but it only enrages him more. Upstairs, Hayden emerges from the tub. She calls Vivien, taunting her with phone calls that are "coming from inside the house." Armed with a golf club, Viv searches the house for Hayden and Ben, and is greeted by a small fire in the bathroom that Larry started.

Vivien and Hayden finally come face-to-face. Hayden spills the beans about the pregnancy. Viv thinks she is speaking of her baby, then realizes Hayden was referring to her own. Hayden breaks a picture frame and takes a large chunk of glass and holds it to Vivien's stomach. Ben (who has been untied by Nora) comes in and admits to Viv that he lied: it had been far less than a year since he had seen Hayden, and he was in Boston to take care of her, not a patient. The cute security guard breaks up the party (responding to the panic button Vivien triggered) and arrests Hayden.

While all this crap is going down, Constance had dragged Violet to her house, and she tells the girl about Adelaide's death. Constance also reveals that Tate is her son - and he must not find out that Addy is dead.

Morning comes, and the ghosts all face the walk of shame home to the Harmon house: Moira, Chad and Patrick, the twin boys, Nora, the nursing killer victims. Security man is taking Hayden to the police station, but when he gets there and goes to let her out of the backseat, she is gone. Ben packs a bag, gives his wife a kiss on the head (she won't look at him), and leaves.

Dig It or Bury It? 

Holy hell, that was an insane episode. Where do you even go after this? A nice, quiet Thanksgiving where absolutely nothing unusual happens? It was just ghost after ghost after ghost. I want to learn more about what I am going to call "ghost physics" on this show. So on Halloween, it's a ghost free-for-all; I get that. But when it is not Halloween, which ghosts get to come back? At this point, I pretty much assume everyone is a ghost. If that is true, then it seems that the Harmon house has enough energy to corporeal-ize any ghosts on the property. The more I think about it, we never see Tate or Constance or Moira outside the vicinity of the Harmon house - except on Halloween. So does that mean that Hayden can come back anytime she wants? And Chad and Patrick? As long as they stay within the warm, glowing, warming glow of the house, that should logic stand.

I like there is logic behind everything the characters do in this show. You don't have a babysitter investigating a strange sound after the news just reported an escaped serial killer in the area. For example, when Vivien first thinks that Hayden is in the house, she demands Ben call the cops - until he reminds her that they don't want ten cop cars rolling up to "the murder house" on Halloween if they ever want to sell the place. She concedes until shit gets crazy and she calls the private security guy. She tells Ben she wants him out of the house, and she doesn't back down from that. Even the reasons for not moving out more-or-less make sense.

House of Horrors

While Viv is looking for Hayden - who has made veiled references to being with Hallee, the family's dog - she finds spilled kibble in the kitchen. A strange whirring noise. The microwave on. And a large red explosion against the glass. The most gut-wrenching thing I have ever seen (I am a dog lover, can't you tell?) but Hallee reveals herself a few scenes later. Hayden just used tomatoes in the microwave as a "Halloween joke."

Constance Harm

It is not so much "harm" as "wisdom" that Constance offers as she tells Violet about Addy's death. Well, maybe harmful wisdom (selfish at least). "The comfort of having children is that your youth has not fled, but been passed to a new generation. When a parent dies, children feel their own mortality. When a child dies, it is immortality that the parent loses." 


Addy's not dead. I wonder who Constance's other kids will be...