TV Recap: 'Bedlam' Episode 105 - 'Committed'


Bedlam Episode 105


Written By: Neil Jones

Directed By: Alrick Riley

Original Airdate: 29 October 2011

In This Episode...

Jed's buddy Mark is being haunted. At first he thinks he is being stalked, but then it becomes apparent he is being haunted. He thinks it is his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, doing the haunting. Sarah was chronically depressed and Mark couldn't handle it, so he broke up with her. She called him late one night, but a half-asleep Mark hung up on her. She killed herself with sleeping pills the next day, and he blames himself.  It is actually a servant girl named Isobel doing the haunting. She actually ends up smothering Mark with a pillow, making him the first victim of a ghost at Bedlam Heights.

Ryan and Molly are digging into Jed's past - or rather, his mother's past. A little bit of math leads Ryan to believe that Jed's mom, Julia, was impregnated while in the asylum. The one picture he has of Julia has her posed with an asylum employee. Ryan and Molly track him down: Ray Bowman, a staff nurse at the time of Julia's residency, and living in hospice. He is reticent to talk to them, until Molly shows him the picture of him and Julia. He swears he never touched Julia but admits that the rest of the staff took turns raping the patients, every day, sometimes multiple times per day. He said nothing because of "what they would do to people who went against them" Julia was not allowed to give birth in a hospital, so when complications arose during delivery, Julia died. Jed died as well, but he was revived after three minutes or so. The moment Molly brings up the name Caleb Bettany, Ray shuts down and makes them leave.

Kate looks over the building's blueprints and realizes that something is off. The rooms off the hallway where she wakes from her nightmares have measurements that, if correct, would leave dead space the walls. Kate confronts her dad about it, and he grows angry and tells her to leave it alone. Jed sees Warren carrying a garbage bag into the incinerator room. When he goes in to check it out, Kate catches him and angrily sends him back to do his work, even after he tells her of his suspicions. Curiosity gets the better of Kate, and she investigates later, on her own. Inside the incinerator, she finds the necklace Zoe was wearing when she went missing. Kate goes home in total shock. Jed finds her, and she is barely able to speak, other than to say Jed was right about her dad. Instead, they start making out. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I really like the episodes that delve more into the dark pasts of our main characters. Watching them every week, you really have more of a vested interest. The weekly guest tenants are interchangeable and are usually not very likable characters. So once we got past the whole Mark business, this episode was great.

So Jed is essentially Freddy Kruger. "Son of a hundred maniacs." Yes, his mom was raped by staff, not patients, but you have to be maniacal to do that sort of thing. I don't care that Kate and Jed are not blood relatives; it is still weird to watch them make out. Especially since I assume that it will turn out Warren or his brother actually are Jed's biological father.

Meet the Ghosts

Mark is actually being haunted by a woman named Isobel. She was a servant girl who was having an affair with Robert Bettany, one of Kate's ancestors. She thought they would be married, but Robert couldn't marry a servant girl. Instead, he married Elizabeth, and had Isobel committed to the family asylum. He continued to carry on an affair with her until she killed herself. Two hundred years ago, Bettany was in the same military regiment that Mark was in, which is likely the reason she haunts him. Jed realizes that Isobel still wants to be with Robert, so he finds her corpse (buried in a shallow, unmarked grave at the edge of the cemetery) and puts her in Robert's grave in order to stop the hauntings.

A Haunting We Will Go-Go

Isobel has some pretty tame tricks up her sleeve. White rose petals are a constant motif, representing the flowers that Robert used to bring her. She carpets Mark's apartment with them. She also leaves him breakfast in bed, and occasionally will spoon him as he sleeps. This is the kind of haunting I could get used to. Most of Isobel's haunting is centralized in the flat next to Mark's. She scratches the words "Don't leave me" on the walls; she steals photos of Mark with other girls, scratches out the girls's faces, and makes a collage around her scratchings; and she calls Mark in the middle of the night, begging him, "Don't leave me."


The season finale is next week (damn you lazy Brits and your six-episode seasons). It would appear that Jed hooks up with Kate; Molly hooks up with Ryan; and Kate finally decides she needs to find out what is in the dead space behind the hallway wall.