TV Recap: 'Bedlam' Episode 106 - 'Burning Man'


Bedlam Episode 106

"Burning Man"

Written By: David Allison and Chris Parker

Directed By: Alrick Riley

Original Airdate: 5 November 2011

In This Episode...

Molly is giving Ryan a tarot reading in her room. A candle falls, and when she rights it, her sleeve catches fire. Ryan bandages her up, while Jed warns him against playing with tarot cards in this building. Molly is actually the one being haunted this week. Little fires ignite on their own, her room fills with smoke, her bed catches on fire. Each time, it is Ryan she calls to for help. Each time, she thinks she is having nightmares. She never seems to notice the flaming face looking at her from her mirrors. One night, after a particularly bad incident, Ryan offers to stay over with her. So naturally, they have sex. He slips out in the middle of the night, which upsets Molly, who was starting to believe that they were meant to be together. It doesn't help matters that an old school chum recently got married to a guy she had been friends with for most of her life, and the two are living in a peaceful cottage by the sea with their new baby. She wants to move to a cottage, but when she invites Ryan to move with her, he says he can't. Rejected and upset, Molly decides to go stay with other friends for a few days. She ends up climbing into a white van voluntarily. Suspiciously enough, Warren claims that he heard Zoe last getting into a white van.

After a heartfelt lunch in the park in which Warren and Kate discuss Kate's mom, who left them without a word when she was little, Kate finally confronts her father about Zoe's necklace. He swears he didn't hurt the girl, and is sad that Kate would even think that. Looks like we have "kind, fatherly Warren" this week. He suggests Kate take the necklace to the cops; she insists he do it. Kate has another nightmare: she is five years old, and sees her father handling a corpse in the asylum. She wakes in the hall again, and runs for Jed. This time they are taking the wall down. Warren sees the pair marching to the hallway with a sledgehammer, and follows. He and Jed get into a fight over it, and it ends with Warren being knocked out, and Jed knocking through. The room is bare and unremarkable other than the fact that this is where Kate's nightmares seem to have taken place. Jed notices an old elevator on one wall, and takes it into the basement. Tired of waiting for him, Kate decides to follow. Warren comes around and begs her not to go downstairs. Grandpa did "unspeakable things" to the inmates down there, and he was responsible for those girls who disappeared in the 1980s. He swears he didn't know about it, swears he had no hand in Zoe's disappearance. Kate goes downstairs anyway.

Jed has already made it through a heavy steel door before Kate comes down there. He begs her to go upstairs. Jed is in a morgue. Unlike the rest of the rooms in this wing, it is clean, fresh, and well-lit. A gurney sits center, with tables covered in metal instruments all around. On either wall are body drawers. Warren comes down and drags Kate back upstairs as things go haywire: bulbs busting, walls crumbling. Jed is drawn to drawer 2439 - the number his strange texts are coming from, and the ward his mother supposedly lived in. He flashes on visions of torture, pain, fear - and a bald woman with a strange symbol carved into the back of her bald head.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig it! It's almost like the producers read my recap last week and said, "Hey, let's make some changes to please this young reporter." There was no random tenant being haunted this week, and the focus was more on the secrets of the asylum than a random, grumpy ghost. Much like American Horror Story, the asylum in Bedlam truly is a character. I want to know more about its every evil nook and cranny.

Meet the Ghosts

Michael Pearson was committed to the asylum after he killed his sister (who looked very similar to Molly) and set her body on fire. He only burned her from the waist down, causing the police to label it a sexually-motivated crime. The fire spread to the rest of the house, and ended up killing almost half a dozen others. While sitting in the asylum office as the administrator admitted him, Michael pulled a can of lighter fluid from his pocket, doused himself, and set himself alight. He walks calmly down the hallway, fully engulfed in flames. This led to a fire in the asylum that killed three people.

A Haunting We Will Go-Go

Seeing as how this ghost is a firebug, flames are popular. Michael's face surrounded by flames appears in Molly's mirrors. Molly even catches a glimpse of her own face horribly scarred by fire. While she sleeps, Michael climbs on top of Molly, holding her down with his scabby, peeling hands. When she wakes, she has burns on her wrists where Michael held her down. Photos of Molly with Ryan burn while others remain unharmed.


This season finally started "heating up," and it is already over. I suspect, however, that I will forget Bedlam when my other favorite Brit show, Being Human comes back in the Spring (not to be confused with the American remake, returning to Syfy in January).