TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 205 - 'Addicted to Love'


Being Human Episode 205

"Addicted to Love"

Written By: Lisa Randolph

Directed By: Charles Biname

Original Airdate: 13 February 2012

In This Episode...

Nora is shocked when her ex, Will - the one that put her in the hospital - shows up just to say hi. He promises to make amends, but when Josh sees him, he loses his temper - with Nora, for listening to him for even one moment. I guess that night's full moon is making him pissy. Josh is obviously feeling threatened, and Conner exploits this by going with Josh to see Will at the house he is building and beating the crap out of him. Nora interrupts and pulls Josh off of Will before he attacks with a plank of wood. That night, as Nora is leaving work and (supposedly) going to meet Josh at the storage unit, Brynn shows up to talk to her. Nora finally opens up about how she is having a hard time dealing with the wolf inside her, that her human side and lycan side are constantly at odds. Brynn convinces her that she needs to let her werewolf run free, so that night, she joins Brynn and Conner in the woods rather than in the storage locker. The three of them tear Will apart.

Sally is enjoying her possession of Janet, Dr. Forest's girlfriend, a little too much. After a night with him, she leaves the body, deliriously happy but horribly hungover. Josh lectures her about the addictive properties of possession, which just sends Sally right back to Janet's body. She spends a little more time there, then finally decides to leave - and finds she can't. She goes to Josh, begging for help, but Dr. Forest sees her before they can figure anything out and walks her home to his apartment, where she is supposed to meet his mother. Sally does a piss-poor job of faking her way through the minutia of a relationship, but at the doc's apartment, the black shadow monster attacks. Sally panics, is thrown against the wall, but the fear knocks her loose of Janet. Sally goes home, traumatized. Janet then comes knocking on the door, herself traumatized and manic. She has dreams about this house, feels haunted by it, can see Sally's death. Josh thinks it is Sally until Sally materializes. Josh rushes Janet out the door. He is adamant that Sally not go near her, but Aidan agrees with Sally - she should try to make things right. So Sally pays Janet a visit and tries to apologize, even though Janet can't see or hear her. But Janet is too busy, sketching the shadow monster over and over and over. Sally is nervous when she sees just how broken Janet is - and more so when Janet titles one of her monsters "Reaper."

We finally get the full story of what happened in Boston in 1930. Aidan catches Henry screwing and feeding off of human girls. He warns his progeny, but Henry doesn't listen. Mother throws a grand party for the local humans, and all is going well until she tells Suren that they will be leaving Boston soon. Suren doesn't want to leave, and stomps upstairs to tell Henry that they need to leave immediately. She finds him fucking a human, then making pitiful excuses ("I was just about to come find you to feed with me!") She storms off, back to the party and Aidan, who was in the background for most of this scene, starts beating up Henry. His attention is diverted when he hears screams from the ballroom. He leaves Henry with the edict that he leave Boston immediately and never return. Suren, meanwhile, has thrown the vampire equivalent of a temper tantrum. The girl whom Henry was screwing caught her eye, and Suren flew into a rage, ripping out her throat. Mother was very disappointed that her daughter outed the vampires. She called for guards to lock the doors, and the slaughter commenced. After, Suren was dragged out of the ballroom, kicking and screaming like a petulant child, saying she "didn't want to be grounded." Yeah, they went there.

In the present, Mother pays Suren a visit. She is mad that the culling of the orphans is not coming along as quickly as it should, and demands that Suren and Aidan step up the pace. Aidan is hesitant to kill off his own, but doesn't want to upset Suren, so he agrees. They first check out the funeral home - vampires are creatures of habit and will return to someplace familiar - and find that vamps were there, very recently, but seemed to have cleared out. While Suren is checking another room, Henry pops up. He has been living with the orphans because he has "felt like one." Aidan is happy to see him, but hides him away from Suren.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am worried that Being Human is starting to lose that magic it once had. Yes, season one was essentially a word-for-word and scene-for-scene remake of the BBC version, and season two has really gone in its own direction, but in season one, you had Josh, Sally, and Aidan interacting more and they have a really great chemistry together. Now, not only do you have them doing their own thing for the most part - and therefore not interacting with one another - they are all miserable. In tonight's episode, Josh was especially insufferable. He jumps to conclusions and he gives in to peer pressure. On the vampire side of things, Aidan is really taking a back seat to Suren and Mother. Only Sally's storyline is still compelling.

Jolly Good Fun

There were a couple mildly cute ramblings on Sally's end, but for the most part, it was a straight-faced episode.

Bloody Hell

You don't get to see much of the 1930 bloodbath, but there is something striking about seeing Suren post-kill, blood drenching her ethereal white dress.


Nora and Josh are at the top of the suspects list in Will's death. Henry wants back into Aidan and Suren's good graces. And Sally attends her mother's funeral.