TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 307 - 'One is Silver and the Other is Pagan'



being humanBeing Human Episode 307
“One is Silver and the Other is Pagan”
Written By: Lisa Randolph
Directed By: Mairzee Almas
Original Airdate: 25 February 2013

In This Episode...

Aidan fights back - weakly - against Erin, and sends her flying into the wall. Josh comes in, sees the scene before him, and rushes to Erin.

In the hospital, Erin is in bad shape, slipping in and out of consciousness. Aidan is back to normal, but worried about the whole situation. He explains to Josh what he knows: that his vials of blood were tainted by werewolf blood, and Erin was standing over him with a very pointy chunk of wood. Josh is inclined to believe him, but Nora shows up, furious and directing threats towards Aidan. Josh tries to calm her down, even try to explain Aidan’s side of the story, but she takes offense to this and asks who Josh would choose: her or Aidan.

Aidan has other worries. He goes to visit Kenny and sees a striking redhead named Blake taking blood from Kenny. Apparently Blake and Kenny have struck up a deal: he will feed her until he turns 18, at which point she will turn him. Aidan does not trust “aunt” Blake. He tries to explain to Kenny the downsides of being a vampire, but Kenny wants out of his bubble and this is the only way he can do it. When Aidan comes to visit the next day, Blake is just leaving. Kenny is sleeping, weak from having too much blood drawn. Aidan goes after Blake and throws her against the wall - then tries to take a calmer approach. She is hoping to outlive the virus and rebuild the species and then control Boston - maybe even control beyond Boston. Aidan rolls his eyes. He’s controlled Boston; it wasn’t all that. The floor nurse makes a call to Kenny’s dad and discovers there is no aunt Blake, so she and a security guard throw her out. She glamours her way back into the hospital, but Aidan is waiting for her. He has agreed to turn Kenny so that he is not forever bound to Blake. 

Sally has gone to visit her friend Bridget who initially thinks she can finally see ghosts. Bridget has turned to Wicca and has been working to see the other side ever since she first “sensed” Sally’s presence. She insists on bringing Sally to her coven circle (which looks like the freak-out tent at Lilith Fair). Try as she might, Sally can’t get out of it, and attends - desperately trying not to roll her eyes. In the circle, the “high priestess,” Barb, is calling forth the recently deceased husband of one of the followers. Sally is impressed when Barb actually gets a ghost to appear. Two, in fact. These ghosts like to mess with the Wiccans (can’t blame them) but Sally discovers that they have been possessing the women of the circle, including Bridget, which she thinks is just her reaching a meditative space. When one of the male ghosts jumps into Bridget, Sally loses it and reveals that she can see the ghosts. This scares both of them, causing the one to exit Bridget. The Wiccans are frightened and scatter while Sally deals with the ghosts. She lets slip that she used to be one of them, which have the ghosts clamoring for details. Sally irons away one, and the other leaves of his own accord. Sally tells Bridget that she cannot be in her life anymore, but gives her the amulet to keep her safe from possession - she just says it will keep them connected. As the episode wraps up, Sally is brushing her hair, and big clumps of hair start falling out. Then a chunk comes out with her scalp. She is starting to literally fall apart.

Liam sneaks into the hospital and smothers Erin with her own pillow. She has served her purpose. Nora is horrified when she comes in and discovers Erin is dead. Aidan is not far behind, and he is consumed with guilt.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked Sally’s story tonight, but that may be partially due to the fact that I enjoy making fun of the hippy Wicca bunch. I am glad that Erin is dead because she was obnoxious and bringing the show down. Why is Erin automatically considered the innocent in the situation when she has a history of being difficult? Yes, Aidan is not perfect, but he has history with Josh. I still don’t quite understand Nora’s blind loyalty to werewolf-kind. And what kind of a second-rate hospital do they work in where no one answers a 15-year-old girl in ICU who is coding? 


Josh finally proposes to Nora, and Aidan is under investigation in Erin’s death.