TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 309 - 'Of Mice and Wolfmen'



being humanBeing Human Episode 309
“Of Mice and Wolfmen”
Written By: Keto Shimizu
Directed By: Kelly Makin
Original Airdate: 11 March 2013

In This Episode...

Aidan’s virus is progressing, but he insists on going to work to keep his mind off of things. Sally uses her new mortician makeup skills to cover up his lesions. He says his goodbyes to Kenny, who is shocked and saddened by Aidan’s condition. Nora finds him. After the full moon, Josh explained to her what happened and how Aidan took the blame for Brynn’s death. This softened Nora’s view of Aidan and she insists he goes home and spends what time he has left with Josh and Sally. Later, as a sort of peace offering, Nora brings home Kat to see Aidan. He is getting worse and it isn’t long before he collapses. She thinks it is the flu, and Nora hurries her away so Aidan can get his rest.

That night, Josh and Nora get a visitor. When Nora woke up in the forest after her change, she came across a naked older man, Pete, who was happily singing a tune. Pete is a hippie and a werewolf. He came to Boston because there was a good wolf population there, and he lives in a motorhome. Pete is affable, and that night brings a pot of chili and some homemade blackberry wine to Nora. Josh is wary of Nora bringing home every “stray” she finds, but after a meal together, Pete really opens Josh’s eyes. He was 14 when he changed, and went through much of the same hatred of his wolf that Josh goes through. But through meditation, Pete accepted his wolf - and named him Gordon. After dinner, he leads Nora and Josh through some meditation. Nora likes it, but Josh didn’t really get anything out of it. Pete assures him he will; just give it time. Josh tries it again later, and meets his wolf (a real wolf) and it brings a definite calm to him.

Sally is looking for some food when she sees a mouse. On instinct, she eats it - and it hits that “fresh meat” craving she has been unable to fill. But she is ashamed of eating a live mouse. Zoe confides in her that Nick has been acting weird, watching her all the time, and even biting her. Sally visits Nick and admits to eating the mouse. Nick is relieved to hear he is not the only one, and justifies eating small, live animals by saying it’s no different than eating a burger - it’s just a little fresher. Even still, Sally, who eventually confides to Aidan, decides that she won’t continue to eat life flesh to stave off decay. When it is her time, it is her time. (Something she probably should have accepted a few years ago.)

Aidan is getting worse. The end is near, and Josh and Sally are gathered around his bedside. He hallucinates about his wife, about how he admitted to being a vampire to her, and she was not frightened, but fed him and cared for him. But she didn’t want to be a vampire herself. Aidan suddenly starts to convulse, blood pouring out of every orifice. Then he is quiet. But he is not dead. Josh runs for Nora, who comes in to see Aidan sitting up, recovering nicely. Somehow, he beat the virus. It wasn’t the garlic tea Pete made him (Pete has vampire friends, too); it wasn’t the pure blood he was sipping. But he doesn’t care - he is alive! When Josh and Sally mention the seizure, Aidan is confused - that is not part of the virus. The only time he has ever convulsed like that is when he had werewolf blood. Ding. He had been inoculated by Josh’s werewolf blood - Erin’s blood was a booster. Aidan just cured vampire AIDS. Of course, this is a concern, because Liam and his werewolf brood all think Aidan is dead. And this will put werewolves at risk for vampires looking for a cure.

With a new outlook on life, Aidan visits Kenny and tells him their deal is back on. He then meets with Blake, who had seen him when he was ill and shocked to see he had beaten it. He will give her the cure, but he has rules. One, she must stay away from Kenny. Two, Josh and Nora are off-limits - and if anything does happen to them, Aidan will hold Blake responsible. And three, it only takes a few drops of blood; no werewolves need to die. After that, he visits Kat at school, who is pleased to see him well. Aidan wastes no time and draws her in to a big, passionate kiss.

But we don’t want to end the show on a smoochy-smoochy note. So we end on Zoe and Nick. She walks in on Nick eating a cat. He is covered in blood and she is shocked. He tries to explain, but then decides he is still hungry - and lunges for her. Now that is the way you end an episode.

Dig It or Bury It?

I dig it. I feel like Being Human is finally getting back on track. Aidan being inoculated against the virus was a little convenient, but a show like this would never take the leap and kill off one of its headliners. I like the evolution of Sally and Nick as zombies. It is a different take on zombie mythology, which is refreshing. I was pleased to hear Sally say that she was not going to fight off death anymore (well, she said she wasn’t going to give in and eat live flesh). At a certain point, you have to accept the fact that god, the universe, science, whatever you believe in, it wants you dead and will stop at nothing until you are.


It’s the zombie apocalypse!