TV Recap: 'Being Human' Episode 311 - 'If I Only Had Raw Brain'



being humanBeing Human Episode 311
“If I Only Had Raw Brain”
Written By: Mike Ostrowski
Directed By: Paolo Barzman
Original Airdate: 25 March 2013

In This Episode...

Sally’s hunger is getting so severe, she doesn’t think she can control herself. She insists that Josh and Nora padlock her into her room. The couple decides to move up their wedding - to Thursday. At least Sally will be alive for that. Josh and Nora aren’t giving up though, and they go to see Donna. Josh plans to kill her. When they get to the soup kitchen, there is nothing there. Literally. The building is gone. A vacant lot is all that is left, and it doesn’t look like anything has been built there in years. I bet Donna just has some kind of spell cast to make it look like nothing is there. Anyway, Sally is in bad shape. While the boys go out for a bachelor party with Josh, Nora and Sally have the saddest-ever bachelorette party, a locked door between them.

A bone marrow donor is found for Kenny, but he is not interested - he wants to be a “lord of darkness” (a phrase which Aidan warns him to never, ever use again.) Kenny tells Aidan that he is going to leave the bubble with or without his help. So Aidan busts him out and takes him back to the house. Kenny wants one night of life as a normal teenager before being turned. They play in the park with a dog, they go to a baseball game, and he joins Josh’s bachelor party.

Nora called Emily, the only blood relative invited to their wedding. Emily surprises Josh and insists on a bachelor party at a strip club. Kenny is all for it. At the club, he and Emily are front and center, while Aidan and Josh sit back, babysitting and making sure Kenny doesn’t spill his soon-to-be secret. Emily buys Josh a lap dance. The stripper promises to go easy on the very nervous Josh... but she smells the wolf on him and tries to take a bite. Aidan pulls her off, but the stripper won’t give up, so Aidan stakes her. Emily and Kenny see this. Josh tries to run interference with his sister, but at this point the only thing he can do is tell her the whole truth. Emily does not take it well and bolts.

Back at home, Aidan is readying to turn Kenny, who is a little nervous now that he realizes that a vampire’s immortality is not absolute. Aidan vows that as long as he is alive, he will protect Kenny, and impart on him his wisdom to prevent Kenny from being found out. He gives Kenny the bite and leaves him to sleep. Aidan then goes to Sally. She wants him to promise that he will kill her when the time comes. He refuses and insists that she eat him - literally. He will heal, and Sally can, at the very least, last through Nora and Josh’s wedding. She does, and this heals her enough to go say her goodbyes to Max without fear of consuming him.

With his wound still healing, Aidan heads out of the house. A hooded figure has been following him all episode, and now Aidan catches him. The two fight, and he turns out to be a hideous mutant. Aidan finally gets the upper hand. The mutant asks “Why did you do this to me?” before Aidan lands the stake and dusts the dude. But he pieces it together in his brain. This was Kat’s ex, the one he unknowingly sleep-attacked in last episode. 

Also: Sally goes to Alana, the psychic who almost exorcised Sally, and begs for her help. She suggests that if Nick and Stevie went through the same door, this is a door of Donna’s creation, and will likely lead to someplace on earth. The only way to get Donna at this point would be to take the door - and be ready for her.

Dig It or Bury It?

So I am guessing that Sally will be a ghost again by the end of the season. Gotta restore the natural balance. And I know I shouldn’t be so bothered by logic in a show about werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and zombies, but if Kenny had that compromised of an immune system, there is no way he could have survived 48 hours outside his bubble with not so much as a sneeze or a sniffle.

Jolly Good Fun

Aidan lifts up his shirt and tells Sally to eat him. She thinks it is an obscene comment - “No, literally, eat me.” She hesitates, then digs in. “It’s like chewing on a tire!” she complains. “Stop flexing!” Aidan can’t help it - he is nervous.


Looks like Sally is going to die - again - next episode, but this time she may just have to take her door...