TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 106 - 'Hottest Day of the Year'


Death Valley Episode 106

"Hottest Day of the Year"

Written By: Mike Alber and Gabe Snyder

Directed By: Austin Reading

Original Airdate: 3 October 2011

In This Episode...

Because John-John accidentally killed an old man he mistook for a zombie, the UTF is under temporary supervision of internal affairs. There are new procedures in place. Each UTF officer is given an index card with a speech they must say to each suspect to ascertain if they are human or not. Natural, the officers think this is stupid. The suit rides along with Carla and John-John as they answer a call of zombie activity in a garden nursery. The suit tries to read the zombie the riot act, but it backfires and the suit is infected. Carla has to shoot him dead.

Kirsten heads out to another vampire party. But this one is a turning party for a pretty blonde named Claire. Kirsten tries talking the girl out of it, but she goes through with it. Kirsten is shocked, but intrigued. Rico turns his eye on her. "I know you are a bad girl. You will be next."

Meanwhile, Stu and Billy don't have much going on; they just spend the episode playing "zombie bowling" with three zombies and their squad car in a parking lot.

Dig It or Bury It?

This is the funniest episode so far. The jokes were flying so fast I could barely keep up. It is also the goriest episode to date. Funny plus gory equals best episode ever in my book.

Undead Tee-Hee Force

Billy: "I once had blood in my semen. It looked like a candy cane."

Captain: "If I hear about one of you dying, it better be due to zombies, werewolves, or vampires, and not sunstroke."

Billy is showing off hist sweet UTF tattoo to Stu. "I got it at this place in Van Nuys. They were running a special - get a free genital piercing with a tattoo. I didn't even want a genital piercing, but at those prices I'm not going to say no."


The episode opens with Billy and Stu finding a wheezing zombie on the sidewalk, incapacitated by the debilitating heat. They roll him over and discover his abdomen is hugely swollen. Billy widely pokes him with a stick, and his gut explodes into a shower of entrails and offal. "Well, now we know," he says.

There were also fanastic zombie deaths by way of a chainsaw, and Billy and Stu spend most of the episode running over melting zombies in their squad car.

Monster Madness

In Death Valley, vampires turn pretty much instantly. Claire was gnawed on for a few minutes, passed out, and awoke moments later a vampire. 


When Carla and John-John come across a zombie scavenging in a garbage can, the biggest problem is who has to carry the body back to the car.