TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 109 - 'Tick Tick Boom'


Death Valley Episode 109

"Tick Tick Boom"

Written By: Kristofor Brown

Directed By: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Original Airdate: 31 October 2011

In This Episode...

Carla brings her girlfriend, Julia, to breakfast with John-John. John-John is delighted to learn that Carla is gay, and even more delighted to learn Julia is bi. The flirting gets a little out of hand and Julia insists Carla and John-John kiss. They do; no big deal. But then Julia and John-John kiss, and Carla is seething with jealousy.

Kirsten is back from a conference, but is only in town a few hours before she is kidnapped by Rico, who knows she is a cop. He lets her go, and Kirsten goes straight to Daschle to admit everything she knows about Natalie's new circle of friends. Kirsten is fired, Daschle goes parental, tracks down Rico - who is parked with Natalie - and arrests him. Natalie's mom comes to pick her up from the station - and notices her hands are ice cold.

Stubeck and Billy speak to Stubeck's daughter's kindergarten class. While there, a zombie invades the playground. The cops go outside to take care of it, and soon discover he has been loaded with a bomb - the work of vampires, no doubt.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really liked that we are finally picking up some through-stories here. Unfortunately, this left a little less room for humor. Daschle's overprotectiveness was bland. I assume the Julia - Carla - John-John breakfast is leading up to a threesome. Damn well better.


Stubeck blows an enormous crater in the face of a zombie. When he discovers the bomb, Stubeck and Billy try to carry the zombie to the dumpster. He is decaying, so several limbs detach. They finally get the zombie into the dumpster, and it explodes, raining down bloody bits of putrid flesh over the playground.

Undead Teehee Force

Billy has a new name for the bomb-wielding zombies: bombies. Yes, it's obvious, but stupid shit like that amuses me to no end. Also, when Stubeck introduces Billy to the class as his partner, Billy chimes in with "police partner." "Seriously Billy? You think their minds went there?"


A bombie gets tossed into the police station, leading to violence, chaos, and explosions.