TV Recap: 'Death Valley' Episode 111 - 'Partners'


Death Valley Episode 111


Written By: Eric Weinberg

Directed By: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Original Airdate: 14 November 2011

In This Episode...

The UTF attends the funeral for the cops who were killed in last week's attack. John-John is conspicuously absent. He's not dead; he's just in traction at the hospital, badly injured from the bombie. In the meantime, Kirsten is partnered up with Carla. A slow day, they are sent to check out a strange smell coming from a house. An old woman's husband has long since become a zombie. She can't stand to say goodbye, so she has him tied down to a bed. Eventually, the girls take pity on her and leave her with her hubby.

Stubeck is charged with figuring out who the mole is. Everyone figures it is Kirsten, even after checking the dailies and noting that she couldn't have possibly seen Dashell's code to the armory. I'm not sure why the camera didn't capture the weapons getting stolen, but Stubeck finally figures out that if Dashell didn't do it, the only other person who could have seen the code was the guy filming. Sure enough, the camera guy is a vampire. Stubeck kills him. 

Also:  Rico's father, Santos, comes to pay his respects to the fallen officers and invites Dashell to pay his respects to Rico. He does, and Santos wants to strike a peace agreement between the vampires and the humans. The night nurses are all vampires. And Billy and Kirsten try to recapture what they missed out on in Dashell's office.

Dig It or Bury It?

Another episode that was big on plot, short on humor and action. Is it too much to want it all?

Undead Teehee Force

We saw it in the previews; now we saw it in the episode. A zombie fart is still funny. Also funny: Billy thinking back to what almost happened between him and Kirsten: "The tip of my finger smelled like the top of ass."


Not much, just Stubeck shooting a vampire in the head. His brains splatter in an enormous stain on the wall. As he falls to the floor, blood and grey matter shoot like a geyser out of the back of his skull.


Vampire nurses cause havoc at John-John's hospital bed while Dashell sits down to hammer out a peace accord with the vamps.