TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 604 - 'A Horse of a Different Color'


Dexter Episode 604

"A Horse of a Different Color"

Written By: Lauren Gussis

Directed By: John Dahl

Original Airdate: 23 October 2011

In This Episode...

When Dexter arrives at the horse crime scene, he is in both shock and awe. How could he not be? Anderson is the first to propose the connection to Revelations, which leads to mocking from Quinn. Back at the lab, he pieces the body together and finds they are dealing with only one victim. In his eye, Dex finds a tiny piece of paper with the number 1242 on it. Checking the first victim, Dex finds a similar note in the intestines, this one with the number 1237. During the departmental briefing, Anderson reveals a connection to the snakes victim in Revelations, so they dub him the Doomsday Killer. Dexter discovers that the murders were five days apart, and the numbers are five apart. A countdown to end of days, perhaps?

The detectives set about questioning a variety of religious nutjobs, and they land on their top suspect: Professor Gellar of the University of Tallahassee and a Revelations expert. Unfortunately, the university reports that Gellar "went underground" three years earlier after he was suspected of stealing an ancient sword that could have very well been used in the Doomsday Killings. Before the search for Gellar can get underway, the department gets a call from a botanical center. They found a ring of fish inside the garden, and a lot of blood. When Dex and the team arrive, Dexter follows a faint trail of blood inside a greenhouse and discovers Erin, a waitress that Travis went on a date with the night before. Erin is still alive, but a uniform sets off a tripwire, activating a trap that kills her. Drawn to a strange humming sound, Dexter opens a cupboard and a swarm of locusts attack. As Dexter and his team run from the greenhouse, he notices Travis in the crowd of on-lookers. He carries the look of a man with true faith.

Also: Harrison is rushed to the hospital with a ruptured appendix. When Brother Sam hears of this, he joins Jamie and Deb with Dex at the hospital. Dexter finds himself feeling so helpless, he turns to prayer - kind of. Ryan wants to have her second date with Masuka in the evidence locker, looking at relics from the Trinity and Bay Harbor Butcher cases. That stuff is now with the Feds, but it doesn't matter. Later that day, Masuka gets a call from a collector who wants to check the authenticity of a "prosthetic" arm from the Ice Truck Killer case that he is bidding on. Masuka loses his shit and fires Ryan, even after she tries to flirt her way out of it.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am starting to think that Professor Gellar is dead (he has "gone underground?") and that Gellar is a figment of Travis's demented imagination. Or perhaps Travis is a multiple personality. Maybe his sister is another personality. I've got to hand it to the writers: this season has some crazy, fucked-up murders. It is an interesting contrast to Dexter who, this season, comes across as so normal. His tears and fear for Harrison are the first true human emotions I can recall Dexter ever showing. It is both touching and terrifying - is Dex losing his "edge?" In fact, all the characters are following really fascinating arcs. They are purposeful, natural, and highly engrossing.

 I am dying to see how all these former Dexter "big bads" tie together. 


At Anderson's suggestion, Deb starts dressing a little more professionally. This means suits and pantyhose. On the elevator one morning, Deb is having some serious pantyhose issues. "Has anyone ever died of crotch asphyxiation?" Dexter's response: "Okay, you have officially crossed the line of appropriate brother/sister conversation."

When Deb gives her statement to the press about the Doomsday Killer, she gets flustered and starts talking about the alpha omega symbol that was likely being held back from the press. She takes a deep breath, a speaks from the heart. "I don't see the point of lying. All I care about is catching the fucker who did this." A beat, as Deb stares with horror into the camera, realizing she just cursed on the evening news. "Shit," she mutters, again forgetting herself.

Body Bags

Erin's death was pretty awesome. Jigsaw would be proud. She was hanging - alive - by the neck. she had spiked bands around her arms, and a huge spiked collar around her neck (the spikes all facing inward, of course). When the tripwire was activated, she dropped, impaling her jugular on the spikes and causing her arms  to fly upwards, unfolding enormous white angel wings.

Flashback to the Future

It is Harry who points out to Dexter that they may be dealing with two killers. Whoever dismembered the horseman did it in a hacking, butchery way, while whoever staged the bodies did so with meticulous attention to detail. Later, Harry calls Dexter on his prayers, then promises he isn't passing judgement. "You already talk to an imaginary father figure."


With Gellar missing, he is the number one suspect. Between details from his former teacher's assistant and horrifying sketches in his journal that mirror the Doomsday victims, the cops are desperate to arrest Gellar.