TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 611 - 'Talk to the Hand'


Dexter Episode 611

"Talk to the Hand"

Written By: Manny Coto & Tim Schlattmann

Directed By: Ernest Dickerson

Original Airdate: 11 December 2011

In This Episode...

We open on semi-chaos. Most of Miami Metro is on the boat, going over the Holly/Steve crime scene. Batista and Quinn are both MIA. Deb calls Quinn, who tries not to panic as he pulls a dangerous U-turn and heads to the Doyle house. Once there, he finds Batista tied to a bed, surrounded by flames. Travis gave Batista's key card to Beth, along with the wormwood bomb. Batista served his purpose; Travis was ready to do away with him. By the time Quinn interrupts, Travis is in the wind, and Quinn puts out the fire. Batista will always be grateful to Quinn for saving his life, but as a partner, he can't trust him.

Regrouping at the station, Dexter sees Beth sitting in the front office, but pays her no mind and does a little research on Steve. Beth is there to see Deb. As she is being escorted into Deb's office, Dexter sees her in one of Steve's social networking photos. He runs to find her, sees her with Deb, pulling a strap on her backpack... and shoves her into an interrogation room. He gets a few sniffs of the toxic gas as he tells Deb to evacuate. Beth dies, Deb drags Dex out of the building, and there are no further casualties. Dexter was lucky: a few more breaths of the gas, and he would be dead; instead he will face some side effects like a bloody nose and extreme dizzy spells. He is a hero.

Dexter sends Harrison and Jamie to the Ritz in Coral Gables to keep his son safe, then goes to the museum to set up his own tableau. In the courtyard, he drenches an angel statue in blood, writes "666" on its forehead, and nails Gellar's hand to its chest. Travis sees this tableau via the evening news. He gets a video text from Dexter, positioned in front of the Slice of Life. Infuriated, Travis heads to the docks in search of Dexter. Dexter has commandeered a different boat, also called the Slice of Life, and set up a kill room inside. Unfortunately, as he is stalking Travis on the dock, those side effects the EMT warned about kick in. Dexter still tries to tackle Travis, but Travis overcomes him easily and injects him with his own sedative. When Dexter wakes up, he is tied up on a dinghy in the middle of the water with a half-dozen gas cans. Travis is on the Slice of Life, dumping more gasoline into the water. He sets the gasoline alight and watches from a safe distance as a circle of fire lights up around the dinghy before the whole thing explodes in a fireball. Naturally, Dexter has escaped from his ties and has swam to safety.

But wait! There's more! Deb has dinner with Matthews, and tries to avoid the whole call girl problem. When she finally asks him point-blank if it was him in the room with her the night she died, Matthews tries to change the subject, but finally owns up to it. He was there, but by the time he arrived in the room Jennifer was long dead. Though he showed deep remorse, he didn't think it was worth ruining his career over. Deb is troubled by the admission, but after weighing his logic with the fact that he and Harry were best friends and has known Deb since the day she was born, she agrees to close the investigation and leave him out of the report. But the next day, Deb finds Matthews waiting for her in her office, incensed because the chief of police found out about his involvement and wants his resignation. Deb swears she said nothing, but Matthews doesn't believe her. Later, Deb confronts the one who obviously was responsible for the leak: Laguerta, who is blasé about the whole thing, even as Deb accuses Laguerta of using her. Laguerta makes a veiled threat of blackmail before leaving.

In therapy, Deb is still talking about Dexter. Her shrink brings up a notion that offends and repulses Deb: maybe she doesn't just love Dexter; maybe she is in love with him. Deb storms out, but that doesn't stop her from having a dream that night that ends with her and Dex kissing passionately.

Also: Lewis still has the Ice Truck Killer hand, but not for long. He draws a palm chart on the hand, then packs it up and ships it to Dexter. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was emotionally exhausting. A lot of it may have had to do with the preview for next week (see below). But can we just take a minute to address this whole maybe-Deb-is-in-love-with-Dexter thing? Beause... ew. It literally makes my stomach churn to think about. I don't care if they aren't biological siblings; they were raised that way. Hell, I even felt a little icky when actors Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were (briefly) married. Not only is it kind of a creepy idea, it seems like a desperate play made for shock value. I am hoping (and assuming) that since it wasn't really brought up until the second-to-last episode this season, it will just blow over. 

In a season that, overall, felt a little uneven - even banal at times - I feel like Dexter is careening towards a really intense season finale.

But really... this episode is called "Talk to the Hand?" I understand the significance; I still think someone should be fired for trying to revive that old saying.

Body Bags

When Beth gets trapped in that room and starts choking on her own poisonous gas, she has this look on her face, like she didn't realize she would die, too. Whether she was in an enclosed room or out in an open field, being that close to the poison was a death sentence. Her death involves her banging helplessly on the observation window in the door, vomiting copious amounts of blood, and collapsing.

Also dead in this episode are an elderly couple with a cat. The cat is alive, but Travis had killed the couple so that he could use their house as his new base of operations. The couple lay dead in a pool of their own blood in the kitchen as Travis nonchalantly steps over them to put the ice cream away.

Flashback to the Future

Harry has one, brief scene tonight, with Dexter essentially giving him an "I-told-you-so." He tried involving the cops, it didn't work, so now he is letting his Dark Passenger back in the driver's seat.


In next week's season finale, Travis needs a sacrifice - and he kidnaps Harrison, holding him at sword point in front of Dexter. I refuse to accept the notion that Travis will kill Harrison. Not because the show wouldn't go there (Rita) but because the show has already gone there (again, Rita). If Harrison were killed, the only path left for Dexter would be totally off the deep end, killing as many people as possible until he is caught or killed - and we still have a guaranteed two more seasons of the show.