TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 702 - 'Sunshine and Frosty Swirl'



Dexter Episode 702
“Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”
Written By: Manny Coto
Directed By: Steve Shill
Original Airdate: 7 October 2012

In This Episode...

After Dexter’s response to Deb’s question is “Yes,” he is a serial killer, Deb flees. Dexter catches  up with her on the street where she is vomiting. The questions begin, and Dexter realizes the only  thing he can do is tell her the truth. What shocks her even more than Dexter’s confession is when he tells her Harry knew, and helped him develop his code. She goes back inside with him. Dexter tries to explain to her about his Dark Passenger (she is offended that he gave it a name) and how he kills those who slip through the cracks of justice. She doesn’t buy this. Deb slugs Dexter in the face and storms out. After she leaves, Dexter realizes the Ice Truck Killer arm is among the items Deb has uncovered. Back at the station, Dexter checks the evidence locker, and finds the arm missing - signifying the one in his apartment is the real deal. Masuka walks in on Dexter and explains what happened with the missing arm. Dexter figures out that Lewis sent him the arm.

During the morning briefing, Deb introduces the crew to Wayne Randall, a prisoner convicted for life after he and his teenaged girlfriend went on a cross-country Natural Born Killers-type crime spree that ended in Miami. Now that he has been imprisoned for 15 years, he wants to make amends and show the cops where the bodies of three girls are buried. Deb assigns Masuka to the dig site, even though Dexter volunteers eagerly for it. After the briefing, Deb admits to Dexter that she very nearly arrested him this morning. She doesn’t really know what to do, but decides that if killing is an addiction she wants to put him through rehab. Dexter will move in with Deb, they will eat together, go to work together, everything. In a desperate attempt to appease his beloved sister, Dexter agrees to this. Deb waivers between furious, disgusted, and worried about her brother.

Masuka desperately does not want to spend another day at the dig site. Dexter volunteers and clears it through Deb. He is surprised when she agrees - until she says she is coming. A lead on Mike’s murder comes in, giving Dexter some limited freedom. He goes to the dig site, but when they break for lunch, Dexter goes to Lewis’s apartment. There he finds his credit card numbers (proof that it was Lewis fucking with him) and a rambling, ranting vlog post about how much he hates Dexter. Lewis comes home unexpectedly, and Dexter attacks him. Lewis is scared and promises Dexter will never see him again - not at work, not with Jamie, nowhere. But when Dexter and Deb visit Harrison  later that night, Dexter discovers Lewis is there, and arrogantly casual about it. 

That night at dinner, Dexter doses Deb’s food with sedative, sneaks out, and attacks Lewis. He takes the man, sedated, to the beach - but calls Deb. She comes running (despite being horribly groggy from her drugging) but rather than be mad at him for sneaking out, she is proud that Dexter called her - it shows that he is in control. It is hard to tell with Dexter, but he truly does seem to be trying it her way. It could be the conversation he had with Randall earlier, about how Randall accepted his situation. The next day, back at the dig site, Dexter seems to have a surprisingly sunny outlook on life. Deb is proud. Then Randall throws himself in front of a tanker truck and Dexter starts to doubt the idea of change. Randall probably shouldn’t be Dexter’s yardstick on this.

Also: One of the Fox Hole strippers, Nadia, befriends Quinn. She flirts with him a lot, but by the episode’s end she seems to just be looking for a sugar daddy. The cops have a minor lead on the Mike / Kaja murder. They found Kaja’s boyfriend, Tony, but his alibi checks out - he couldn’t have killed Kaja. Tony admits that he last saw Kaja with Viktor, so Batista starts searching for him. “Mob boss” Isaac decides that George isn’t handling the situation well, so he comes to the States and kills Tony. And Laguerta is starting to wonder if the Bay Harbor Butcher is back - or if they caught the wrong guy.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m not sure how I feel about Deb’s idea of “killer rehab.” It seems sadly naive of Deb. She should know that sociopathy is not something that can just be “cured.” I suppose her love for Dexter blurs the line. I’m just not sure where they can take “killer rehab.” Oh man, what if they kill off Deb? I don’t think I could handle that. Rita was hard enough.

Also, I’m not crazy about this whole Ukranian mob subplot. Maybe it is just because the Dexter/Debra plot is so engrossing I get annoyed every time we stray.

Killer Instinct

In a bid to understand Dexter’s Dark Passenger, she asks him how he feels when the urge to kill rises. “It starts with blood. The image of it, trickling down back of my eyelids. The trickle becomes a stream, then a flood. It fills me up. The blood turns black, there is a pressure. It feels like my head will explode, and the only way to relieve pressure is to open the floodgates.”

Flashback to the Future

Harry is not happy that Deb knows about Dexter’s Dark Passenger, but I think he is even more upset that Dexter is holding on to a shred of hope that Deb’s killer rehab can help him. “If it were that simple, don’t you think I would have tried that?”


Dexter seems to be infatuated with Randall’s ex, Hannah, and Quinn gets closer to Nadia.