TV Recap: 'Dexter' Episode 711 - 'Do You See What I See?'



Dexter Episode 711
“Do You See What I See?”
Written By: Manny Coto and Wendy West
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 9 December 2012

In This Episode...

Hector Estrada, the ringleader behind the murder of Dexter’s biological mother, is up for parole. Hannah thinks this is a Christmas gift from the universe. Dexter does not speak up at the parole hearing, and Estrada is set free. 

Dexter has plenty to contend with before dealing with Estrada. Matthews wants to meet with Dexter, and tells him that Laguerta is looking into the Bay Harbor Butcher case again - and she thinks Dexter is the real Butcher. Matthews assures him that he thinks Laguerta is crazy. Dexter feigns shock and tells Matthews that Doakes had a boat at the same marina that Dexter kept his boat at, and moved it because Doakes was acting erratic and he was afraid. He claims he didn’t tell anyone because he feared for his and his sister’s safety. Matthews assures him this is just a silly formality.

Deb sees that Dexter is preoccupied with something and he admits that Laguerta is on to him. He plans to plant evidence to throw her off the scent once and for all. Deb insists she does it - it is safer. She plants evidence in the Bay Harbor Butcher boxes, so when Matthews comes over to Laguerta’s house to sift through the evidence, they discover a tackle box with lures specifically designed for deep sea fishing. Hidden in a tiny box in the back of the tackle box is a key. This leads them to a dry dock that we saw Dexter shopping for earlier. Matthews finds a cabinet stocked with plastic wrap and garbage bags. Laguerta calls in a forensics team, who finds a blood-tinged knife with Doakes’s fingerprint. Matthews is relieved that now Laguerta can drop this case, but she insists that Dexter planted all the evidence. Even though that is true, it makes Laguerta sound certifiably insane.

Deb and Batista are looking into Hannah’s halfway house roommate, Arlene. She has a history of drug abuse, two kids with two different fathers, and a hard time hanging on to custody. Deb visits her with threats of arresting her as an accessory to the handsy counselor’s murder. If Arlene flips on Hannah, Deb guarantees her immunity (nevermind the face that Deb doesn’t have the authority to promise her immunity.) Arlene says she has to think about it, and talks to Hannah, who assures her that the police won’t be an issue. That night, Hannah is waiting on Deb’s porch, and talks to her when Deb comes out for a beer. Hannah wants to find a way that the two can put aside their differences for Dexter’s sake. Deb has no interest in this, and assures Hannah that the only way there will be a truce is with Hannah in prison.

It is Christmas Eve Day, and Dexter poses as a low-level drug dealer looking for help to move some product. Estrada agrees - rather quickly - and they plan to meet that night, after Dexter spends Christmas Eve with Hannah, Harrison, and Jamie. Matthews tells Dexter that they found incontrovertible proof that Doakes was the Butcher, and Dexter eagerly shares the news with Deb, who is on her way (unbeknownst to Dexter) to talk to Arlene and get her to flip on Hannah. Batista calls a little later and alerts Dexter that Deb is in the hospital. There was a car crash. Dexter rushes to the hospital. Deb only has a broken wrist and a few bruises, but the doctors say she had about three times the normally prescribed dose of anti-anxiety medication alprazolam in her system. Batista admits that Deb was far from Miami because of the Arlene situation. When Dexter asks her about that, Deb thinks that Hannah told him. “Why would Hannah tell me that?” Deb assumed that Hannah had told him about her late-night visit to Debra. The pieces start to click together, and Dexter becomes frantic (or, as frantic as Dexter can be) trying to think of all the reasons why Hannah wasn’t responsible for his sister’s accident.

After leaving the hospital, Dexter snoops around Deb’s house, looking for evidence that Hannah didn’t poison Deb. A tough feat. Dexter finds a long blonde hair in Deb’s bathroom. Did Hannah sneak in? Was it transfer from Dexter? He next goes to the mechanic’s, where Deb’s totaled car sits. He finds an almost-empty bottle of water beneath the drivers seat - with a bunch of whitish residue floating the in remaining water. He sends it to be tested, but the seeds are already planted. After a lovely - if paranoid - Christmas Eve dinner, Dexter takes Hannah home and gingerly confronts her about the accident. Hannah is hurt that Dexter would think such a thing. She uses an interesting tactic to prove her innocence: “Have I ever made a mistake? If I wanted Deb dead, she would be dead.” Another good one: “I only kill people who are a threat to me. Arlene is a junkie who is easily discredited; she is no threat to me.” Dexter admits that if anything ever happened to Deb, he would always wonder if Hannah had something to do with it. Hannah is hurt and tells Dexter to leave.

Which is good - because Dexter has a date to keep with Estrada. They meet at a cargo shipping dock, and Dexter easily leads him into a shipping container. When Estrada realizes he is in trouble, he pulls a gun and fires, but Dexter knocks him out easily. When Estrada comes to on Dexter’s table, he does his usual spiel, telling his victim why he deserves it. When Estrada pieces together who Dexter is, he immediately assumes he is “in on it.” “In on what?” Estrada reveals that Laguerta was really pushing for his release, and he assumed it was so Dexter could then kill him. Dexter stops, knife midair, realizing that this was all a setup. He quickly packs up everything but the plastic and a chainsaw (which he leaves on to lure the cops there) and takes Estrada and runs. Sure enough, Laguerta arrives after a detective she assigned to tail Dexter gives her a call. She shows up with a couple uniforms, but all they find in the room is the chainsaw. Dexter and Estrada have escaped, but Estrada easily frees himself from Dexter’s grasp and jumps into the ocean. With no time to worry about him, Dexter runs.

Christmas Day. Dexter gets a call from the lab - Deb’s water was almost 40% alprazolam. As far as Dexter is concerned, this points to Hannah’s guilt. When he brings Deb home from the hospital, he has a present for her: the pen that Hannah used to poison Sal Price, complete with DNA and fingerprints. Deb can hardly contain her grin. After that, Dexter goes to see Hannah - who is pleasantly surprised to see him, thinking he had made his choice. But he is just there to apologize - the cops are with him, and Hannah is arrested.

Dig It or Bury It?

This seemed like such an oddly even-keeled episode. I guess all the pieces are coming together for the finale - which, judging by the promo, is going to be a mindfuck. But back to this episode. There were no surprises tonight, nothing overwhelming, just a solid little hour of television. I think that Deb poisoned herself to frame Hannah. Alprazolam is a nasty-tasting drug. If it was ground up in Deb’s water, she would have noticed it. Unless she had no tastebuds, Deb would have known it tasted bitter. She had to know it was there. Which worries me, because I don’t want to see a wedge driven between Dex and Deb.  

During the fight scene between Hannah and Dexter, I was struck by how much a fight between two serial killers over presumed guilt resembled a regular lovers’ quarrel. And just as boring.


Hannah’s in jail - and none too happy about it. Doakes is back - which I have to assume is a flashback or a dream sequence (unless Dexter has figured out how to raise the dead)... and Laguerta arrests Dexter (but they don’t say what she arrests him for.)