TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 202 - 'Water World'


Face Off Episode 202

"Water World"

Original Airdate: 18 January 2012

In This Episode...

The contestants meet at an aquarium. They are paired up randomly for their next challenge: they must take inspiration from one of the creatures at the aquarium and create their own sea creature. The extra twist is that the makeups must be waterproof: their models will be completely submerged underwater.

The Creations

Ian & RJ - Taking inspiration from a tiger shark, the guys decided that it would be "clever" if they made their model a shark man in a pinstripe suit - he's a lawyer, get it? Their model thought this was brilliant. There's a reason he's a model I guess. Anyway, the whole concept was cheesy, and the suit wasn't pinned down, so the moment the model hit the water, it ballooned up around him.

Beki & Miranda - They were the two who were at each other's throats all episode. The fish they chose was a sea dragon. Their creature had a nice paint job, but all of these huge pieces of fabric randomly scattered on the model. It looked better in the water, where the fabric could flutter.

Jerry & Nix - They went with a sea turtle that ended up with a cartoony paint job (they went with a bright Ninja Turtle-green shell). Even worse, the moment their turtle hit the water, the makeups started to self destruct. All the appliances peeled off, and the paint started to wash off.

Rayce, Sue & Brea - After winning last week, Brea got to choose the group she joined. This team also chose a sea dragon. Their creation was boring, but safe.

Heather & Athena - They went with a lion fish. They kept it simple. When the fins they had created weren't working, they scrapped them. Patrick was impressed that instead of creating a fish-man creature, they just created a fish.

Matt & Tara - The pair went with a fish called a lyretail fairy basslet, a small fish with a gorgeous magenta color. The face sculpt was impressive, but the edges of the appliances were shoddy. Tara covered them with swatches of iridescent fabric, cut to look like scales. The judges loved it.

The Verdict?

Matt & Tara were the winning team, but Matt was the overall winner for "contributing the defining conceptual piece." Nix was sent home because of his shoddy body painting and the overall crappiness of the sea turtle.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was very pleased that they didn't waste time with the pointless "foundation challenge." Just get right to the good stuff. Of course, they also played up all sorts of drama which was interesting - for about 87 seconds. Then I just wanted to see the makeups. I really liked seeing the creatures underwater, but I wish that there was more discussion about the different techniques that need to be utilized for underwater makeup.


The next challenge will see the contestants competing to create a rock album cover.