TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 208 - 'Burtonesque'

Face Off Episode 208


Original Airdate: 29 February 2012

In This Episode...

The title speaks for itself, doesn't it? Each contestant must turn the mundane into the fantastic and create a character worthy of being in a Tim Burton film. They will choose an ordinary profession and base their character off it. Catherine O'Hara (Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas) is the guest judge.

The Creations

Sue picked toymaker, which seems almost too easy. Sue originally got a little ambitious with the project, wanting to build a full fat suit and working marionettes. She cut the puppets down to one and nixed the full fat suit, but was still running so far behind she gave her model tasks to help her. The resulting creation was not at all Burtonesque; just a generic crazy old guy with a puppet that Patrick called more Burtonesque than the model. Glenn said Sue's "build turned into a ballet of idiocy."

Beki chose a baker. She fell in love with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, but when he left she went a little crazy. Beki focused all her attention on a giant cupcake prop and neglected any kind of facial appliance, save for a pair of fucked-up teeth that seemed to have nothing to do with any part of her character. Ve felt let down; Glenn was unhappy that she tied her character to another Burton character.

RJ's profession was bellhop. The facial appliances were minimal; instead, RJ focused a fabulous chest piece where it looked like actual dresser drawers, and he had lingerie stolen from guests in the drawers. He even had a working desk bell on his cap. Patrick thought it was both organic and architectural, and Glenn saw Burton in almost every aspect, yet still saw RJ in the design.

Rayce had a cellist. His character lost the love of her life, but kept him alive as a cello, which she must play. Rayce created a full-sized cello prop with a face molded into it, and brought elements of the cello into the face of his model. Patrick found it elegant; Catherine found it soulful and romantic.

Ian had a plumber. Again, his facial appliances were minimal, and focused around a pipe that sprouted out of his eye (this was a feature Sue originally was going to incorporate in her own project, but nixed when she saw Ian's). Most of the work went into a "hydraulic plunger backpack." Patrick thought he played it safe; Glenn said it was too much like a Burton character. In fact, Ian's creation bore an eerie resemblance to Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands.

Matt chose ice cream man. He had a cone coming up out of his head and shoulders. The standout for me was that Matt used candy sprinkles over the face of his creature the same way one might use blood on a zombie. Ve thought that this would be the villain if Burton ever did an out-and-out horror film. Catherine thought it was funny and looked like something from Beetlejuice.

The Verdict?

Matt, Rayce, and RJ had the top three looks tonight. Rayce won. Beki was kicked off the show.

Dig It or Bury It?

Of course this was an awesome episode. Tim Burton! I loved that the characters had backstories. It makes them seem more real, gives them personality. Interestingly, there was a very definite divide in this episode. The bad creations were really bad, and the good ones were truly marvelous. Of the top three, I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. The moment I saw Rayce's cello creation, I knew the judges would pick him. They are predictable that way.