TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 308 - 'Who's the New Who?'



Face Off Episode 308
“Who’s the New Who?”
Original Airdate: 9 October 2012

In This Episode...

The contestants take on Dr. Seuss this week. They are tasked with bringing a character from Seuss’s The Sleep Book to life, in the form of Seuss/human hybrids. Guest judge this week is super-producer Brian Grazer, who produced Seuss projects like The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat.

The Creations

Nicole’s character is based off Bumble Tub. She dressed him in fun fur, which Glenn hates, but she airbrushed much of the fur, which made him “not hate it” this time around. Brian thought that the hair was groovy, and felt it was the most Seuss of all the creatures.

Alana chose Offt because she liked the sound of the name. When she looked in the book, she was dismayed to find Offt was a dull dandelion-puff of a character. Her creation had a huge, poorly-stuffed tummy (kind of looked like her model was wearing a baseball catcher’s chest piece). Glenn found the paint job to be calamitous and a “morbid failure.” Ve, who had done the walk through earlier, thought the creation would be a sweet little girl; instead she felt the paint job made her freckles look like age spots. Brian said that if a director presented this creature to him, it would be a very bad day.

Sarah had Hinkle Horn Honker. She didn’t do any body work, just a face sculpt with a hideous smile, splotchy paint job, and too much orange hair. Ve thought it looked more Beetlejuice than Dr. Seuss, and Brian saw no Seuss here whatsoever, and thought there was “no hope.”

Derek’s character was Snorter McPhail. At first glance, Derek’s creation looked most Seuss - maybe that is the color combination of red, yellow, and green. But an amazing wig in the shop turned into a matted mess by the time it got on stage, and while the sculpt looked good in silhouette, the edges were rough and Glenn found the paint job muddy and “tragic.”

Roy’s character was based on Foona Lagoona Baboona, so he went with a baboon / human hybrid. Glenn felt it was quite ambitious and was impressed with how much mobility the actor had in his makeup, and how much expression he was able to show. This creature made Neville smile.

Laura had Chippendale Mupp. She went with a Dr. Seuss / Dr. Moreau / human hybrid with a red porcupine-ish mohawk. Overall, all the judges liked it. Glenn felt it stood out from the others - which were mostly yellow. Neville was extremely impressed with her airbrushing - some segments were so detailed it looked like it was sculpted.

The Verdict?

Nicole is deemed the winner, while Alana is kicked out.

Dig It or Bury It?

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? I like that they chose a lesser-known Seuss book to work with, but I feel like The Sleep Book didn’t have very good characters to be inspired by. They were all yellow, and they all looked very similar. I thought that all the creations were fairly boring.


The contestants must incorporate scrap to build cyborgs.