TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 405 - 'Two Heads Are Better Than One'



Face Off Episode 405
“Two Heads Are Better Than One”
Original Airdate: 12 February 2013

In This Episode...

To tie in with Jack the Giant Slayer, the contestants are paired up and tasked with creating a giant with at least two heads. Bryan Singer is the guest judge.

The Creations

face off

Alam and Eric Z. created an ogre that was painted Smurf blue. He slays other giants and puts their heads on his feet. The feet-heads looked smushy and cartoonish. Glenn said they were so dreadful he couldn’t look at anything else. Ve and Neville had similar sentiments.

face off

Kris and Eric F. wanted to make a really, really gigantic giant - and they succeeded. They built a massive contraption for their model’s shoulders. The model played Jack, caught in the grips of this two-headed giant. The makeups stood probably 10 feet tall. The molds were big enough to bathe in. Bryan found it clever, Neville thought it was a great idea, and Glenn declared it to be the biggest makeups ever on the show.

face off

Meagan and Jenna had problems from the first moment. Jenna’s hand was numb again; their mold wouldn’t open and when it did, it was a little bit off; their appliance didn’t finish setting so it was sticky and fell in on itself. At least they both took the blame for the monstrosity. It was just ghastly. Neville had the kindest thing to say: it was hard to critique because he didn’t want to kick them when they were down. But yeah, it was inexcusably bad.

face off

Wayne and House wanted to do three heads, but when they saw everyone else was doing three heads, they scaled back to two. One of the heads was the model’s; the other was a puppet with a really neat bulgy eye. It was supposed to be tree-like but Ve thought it looked more like stone - either way, she liked it. Neville was impressed with the sculpting, and Bryan loved that it was the only makeup where the two heads could interact with each other.

face off

Autumn and Anthony had a giant with multiple faces coming out of his chest and back. On first look, it isn’t very impressive, but then you see the faces in the back and it instantly ups the cool factor. The paint job was impressive, especially with the eyeballs.

The Verdict?

Kris and Eric F. had the winning look, but Eric F. was deemed the winner because the concept was all his. Meanwhile, Jenna was finally sent packing. I am so glad I don’t have to hear her complain about her hand anymore.

Dig It or Bury It?

The good were really good tonight; the bad were really, really bad. I was damned impressed with the massive beast that Eric F. and Kris put forward.


The contestants each choose a colorful photograph to base their makeups on, only to discover this is an extreme closeup of something else. Oooh, mystery time.