TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 408 - 'It's Better in the Dark'



Face Off Episode 408
“It’s Better in the Dark”
Original Airdate: 5 March 2013

In This Episode...

The contestants must create a new species that can be from any ecosystem on earth: mountains, ocean, arctic, etc. Naturally, (almost) everyone chose the ocean. They must create two different paint schemes: a normal paint job, and a “bioluminescent” paint job that appears under black light. On top of all this, tonight is a double-elimination night. The guest judge is producer Jon Landau.

The Creations

House wanted a sexy fish woman from an ancient race of fish people. Glenn didn’t like the colors and thought it looked worse close-up. Ve did not think she was beautiful or sexy. The paint looked terrible under the black light, and the hands were atrocious. Neville saw chaos.

Kris created a fish person who had decided to make contact with humans. The paint job didn’t look too different under the black light, but the sculpt was fantastic and unique. Glenn thought it was brilliant; Neville thought there were a lot of cool things going on with “adventurous forms.” Ve had the only critique: she didn’t like the creature’s leafy loincloth.

Anthony created an underwater warrior. It was clean and had a great black light paint job. Glenn felt that he was the only one who really got the idea behind the paint portion of the challenge. Jon could see this design on Pandora.

Wayne went with a crab/humanoid underwater creature. The black light paint really accented the subtle fins. Ve thought the face sculpt was gorgeous but the black light really made it come to life.

Meagan got sick on the first day of the challenge - so much so she had to go to the hospital. Turns out she had food poisoning, but returned to the competition on the second day. She was going for a venus flytrap/human hybrid, but it didn’t really come across. The sculpt was messy and the black light paint was weak. Glenn would have rather her do one small piece that was great, than do an okay complete look.

Eric F. went big again with a fish girl who you can see through to her organs. The face sculpt was bland in a creepy, emotionless mask way, but the body paint more than made up for it. Neville thought it was a bold concept that worked better under the black light.

Eric Z. created an amphibious cave dweller with virtually no black light paint at all. Neville simply said he has to do better than this. Jon didn’t see any originality, and Ve thought it looked like Cookie Monster.

The Verdict?

Anthony is back on top, winning the challenge. Both Meagan and Eric Z. are sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I loved the challenge; I thought that the creations were somewhat uninspired, and almost everyone dropped the ball on the bioluminescent portion of the challenge.


Egyptian. God. Mummy. Sweet!