TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 410 - 'Alien Apocalypse'



Face Off Episode 410
“Alien Apocalypse”
Original Airdate: 19 March 2013

In This Episode...

This week’s challenge ties in with Syfy Channel’s upcoming series and video game, Defiance. The show is set in the near future, when humans and seven different races of aliens are forced to learn to live together on Earth. The contestants must choose two of the alien races on the show, then create an offspring if the two races were to mate. Show creator Kevin Murphy introduces the challenge, and director Michael Nankin is the guest judge. The contestants take a trip up to Toronto to visit the set of Defiance - all except for Eric F., who couldn’t go because of “family obligations.” I have to assume that he either doesn’t have a passport or is on a no-fly list.

The Creations

face off

Anthony chooses to crossbreed a mutant and a liberata. Ve felt it was the best morphing of two species, she liked the tufts of fur, and felt that he had the best paint job this week. Glenn was impressed with the face sculpt, and Michael felt the two races blended in a “believable” way.

Kris mated bioman and mutant and came up with a huge monster that had ripply/melty muscles. Neville thought the character had a cool vibe; it was scary and off-putting. Michael agreed that it was scary. Glenn, always eager to be a contrarian, thought it was anatomically atrocious - but he liked the idea. Ve defended Kris, saying that this was a mutant - it didn’t need to be anatomically correct.

Wayne mated liberata and bioman. Like most of the other contestants, he ran short on time, so his paint job was a little slap-dash. Glenn picked up on this immediately, but overall, the judges had positive things to say: Neville liked the up close detail; Michael liked the proportions; and Ve thought it was cohesive with a nice back design.

Eric F. chose his aliens last and as a result got stuck with the ones he didn’t want: 99er and sensoth. He spent the first day whining about it but by day two, he had accepted it and started to like his creation - even if it does look like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. Michael thought it looked less like a hybrid and more like a patchwork. Glenn liked it, saying it was the nicest makeup Eric had done this season. Neville thought this one showed sophistication that his other creations hadn’t.

The Verdict?

Anthony won. He got a prize this week: he gets to shadow the FX team on Defiance. Eric F. goes home. This is the last episode before the season finale, so that means Anthony, Kris, and Wayne are going to the finale.


Season finale next week - in Vegas.