TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 411 - 'Living the Dream'



Face Off Episode 411
“Living the Dream”
Original Airdate: 26 March 2013

In This Episode...

For the final spotlight competition, each contestant must create two makeups for the show “Le Reve: The Dream” at the Wynn hotel in Vegas. The show is similar to Cirque du Soleil, with aerials and acrobatics. But there is also a water element, so the makeups must be waterproof. The focus is on dream thieves, adrenaline junkies who are characters in the show.  Contestants must make a dream thief and the thief’s victim. Each finalist gets to choose two former cast mates to join their team. 

The Creations

face off

Kris chooses ethereal for his dream thief’s inspiration, and has House and Alam on his team. He makes water celestials. Across the board, the judges loved the silver paint, loved the sculpt. Glenn felt the yellow creature was a little disconnected from her silver companion.

face off

Anthony recruited Eric Z. and Autumn to help him with his sinister makeup. It looks kind of gobliny. Ve loved that the characters looked like they belonged together and the paint job was gorgeous. Glenn thought it was beautiful in an alien way, that looked natural and had amazing proportions. Neville was impressed with the perfect silhouette.

face off

Wayne partnered with Eric F. and Meagan and had supernatural for an influence. Neville thought they made a great pair, there was good sculpting and good detailing. The characters suited each other, and everyone loved the semi-formed wings the woman sprouted.


Anthony wins!

Dig It or Bury It?

I love the fact that this week’s makeups had to be part of this big, spectacular show. I was just a little underwhelmed with the creations. I think a lot of this stuff doesn’t transfer well to the home audience.


The new season starts August 27th.