TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 502 - 'Future Frankenstein'



Face Off Episode 502
“Future Frankenstein”
Original Airdate: 20 August 2013

In This Episode...

This week, the contestants have a Frankenstein challenge. They are organized in teams of three and must create a Frankenstein and his bride from the future, with a completely original backstory. The winning design will be featured at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Neville is not here tonight, so actor / writer Kevin Grevioux (the Underworld films; I, Frankenstein) is the guest judge.

The Creations

Alana, Laney, and Laura: Their backstory had a Frankenstein from the past brought to life with a bolt of lightning, and he creates his bride to power him. My favorite detail was that, in the future, human body parts become fashion accessories, so the bride gains her power for Frank with an umbrella with a human hand handle. This was my favorite duo this week. Ve loved the paint and the modeling, while Glenn thought the bride especially was beautiful. It was a well-balanced couple and Glenn thought they showed “great decision making.”

Scott, Adolfo, and Roy: As Roy describes their concept, “Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, boy reanimates girl.” Frankenstein’s head is off-kilter due to decapitation and re-capitation. By placing the collar off-kilter and supporting the head with pistons, it gave the head an entirely lopsided look. It was very effective. Ve loved it; Glenn loved the idea more than the execution (he said Frank looked too top-heavy) and Kevin really liked the tubes coming from the bride’s head.

Frank, Eric, and Rick: A couple perished in a crash, and all that remains of them are their hands. The hands bind them together and are the basis for recreating the pair. Kevin liked it, but he was alone. Glenn appreciated the subtlety of the bride’s prosthetics, but found Frankenstein to look sad and confused due to an eye sculpt that was a “huge problem” from him. Ve was bothered by the jaw piece that didn’t fit and a series of little dots around his brain. (Eric forgot to put the rivets in - and he owns up to it.)

RJ, Lyma, and Tate: Their Frankenstein and his bride were part of a genetic military experiment when a bomb drops and radioactive fallout causes these experiments to “activate.” Glenn liked much of Frankenstein’s sculpt, but thought that the bride had terrible anatomy, made worse by a bad paint job. Ve couldn’t look past the harsh paint job, and immediately picks up on the fact that Lyma, who painted the bride, is primarily a body painter. It doesn’t look organic.

Sam, Miranda, and Eddie: This team had problems from the start. They had a hard time settling on a concept, and finally cobbled together a story about a couple who goes to a doctor for an experimental immortality procedure. Instead, the doc implants mind control devices so that he can use them to take over the world. Kevin thought they missed an opportunity to be more creative - he thought they looked like Borg knock-offs. Ve was appalled by the bride’s hands: one had some glopped-on goo with tubes sticking out of it, and the other was bare. Glenn liked some aspects of Frank, but did not like the bride’s head, saying it didn’t make any sense. It also didn’t look like the back was really finished.

The Verdict?

This episode was insanely predictable. Alana, Laney, and Laura were the top team, with Alana being declared the winner. Sam is sent home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was underwhelmed by the creations this week. I loved the challenge, but I didn’t think any of the groups (except for the winning group) really had two, cohesive characters with a unique backstory.


Next week is a double-elimination and the theme is, I think, fairy tales. It looked kind of cutesy.