TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 505 - 'Mother Earth Goddess'



Face Off Episode 505
“Mother Earth Goddess”
Original Airdate: 10 September 2013

In This Episode...

The contestants must create their own earth mother goddesses. There must be a focus on beauty, and to make it personal, there should be at least one aspect of their moms represented in the makeups.

The Creations

Roy came back big after last week’s epic failure. His mom was represented in the tree roots, as she grounds the family. Neville said this was one of his favorites, and found it elegantly balanced. Glenn thought it was beautiful, full of smart decisions, and he loved the color. Ve also loved the color, and thought the bit of pink peeking through on the face was stunning.

Eddie aimed to make a warrior goddess, to show his mother as the strength of the family. Unfortunately, there was not a feminine detail to be seen. Not only did he not do any beauty makeup, he left his model’s face completely bare. Not a hint of mascara or a whisper of lip gloss.  The only touch were creepy yellow contacts which just looked incongruous. Glenn saw this as Eddie trying to take on too much. The sculpt was rough and poor decisions were made all around.

Scott’s mom grew up on a farm, so he wanted to include... well, I don’t know how the farm worked into his all red, devilish creation. Neville couldn’t get the chest plate which was supposed to represent tree bark but instead looked like flayed skin. Not appropriate for a beauty makeup challenge. Ve thought there was way too much orange and didn’t have any feminine shapes. 

RJ was a little put-off by the challenge because he did something similar in season two. He didn’t want to regurgitate an old makeup, so he decided to make a 1960s mom that is kind of green and nature-y. Ve thought it was simply a total failure - he didn’t even do a beauty makeup on his model - but Glenn was much more offended by the fact that he dismissed the challenge all together.

I wasn’t crazy about Lyma’s makeup, but the judges were. Mostly, I was put off by the big, see-through pregnant belly that had a stuffed bunny inside to represent fertility (she was closest to her mother when she was pregnant). It was a little cheesy and overtly on-point. Glenn thought that was a “genius” idea and wants to see an expansion of this idea of fertility. He also liked te “heavenly” approach with her hair, which I agree with. (But what was up with the weird brown stumpy things on the top of her head? They looked like internal organs.) Neville was impressed by the bold shapes.

Laura made a skirt out of trumpet flowers to represent her mom’s love of music, and did a caterpillar makeup to represent her mother’s Buddhist beliefs. I didn’t really see the caterpillar, but she had an amazing paint job that wowed all the judges. Neville called it “freaking gorgeous” and a “sublime palette.” Glenn was astonished by the detail and the quality that she was able to accomplish in a solo challenge.

Other creations this week:


Laura won; RJ went home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was a little underwhelmed with the theme of this episode, but it didn’t end up being the hippie nonsense I thought it would be. Plus there is something about the way this episode was cut together that made it a little more engrossing. There was more time watching the process of creating makeups as opposed to lots of quick montages.


Enough with this hippie mumbo-jumbo. Next week: Halloween comes early!!