TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 511 - 'Dark Magic'



Face Off Episode 511
“Dark Magic”
Original Airdate: 22 October 2013

In This Episode...

The contestants must create a dark elf based on an ancient rune. But, the contestants won’t know what their rune means until they have picked one out, so they have to go based on looks alone.

There is a lot of falling apart in this episode. On the first day of the competition, Laney spends most of it crying hysterically in the bathroom. Tate and Roy finally get her out of there and back to work, but when they wake up the next morning, all they find is a note. Laney is burned out and homesick and she has decided to leave. And then there were four.

The Creations

Tate’s rune was for regeneration, so he created a queen who is responsible for breeding with the most eligible warriors in her kingdom. She also has a burnt new-flesh look, like the skin is regenerating. Glenn loves his color choices and adores that Tate went further with his character. Neville loves that the helm is starting to integrate into the face, and he thought the flaky skin looked authentic. Ve found it sexy, strong, and a true example of a dark elf.

Roy’s rune was for psychic power, and decided on a large-headed individual who is otherwise devolved as a human. Neville found it dull, and Ve felt it didn’t work as an elf; it just seems like more of a creature. Glenn was much more harsh about his assessment. He was offended by the lack of elf-ness and to him, that immediately disqualified him from the round.

Miranda’s rune was chaos, and that seemed a good description of her makeups. She was indecisive and fell way, way behind on her project. She was pouring a mold on the third day of the challenge, and ended up using her model to help her with everything from cleaning her mold to painting his skin to cutting up wardrobe. She was going for a Mayan theme, but what she ended up was awful. He was a flat green shade that wasn’t even finished - there were huge gaps of skin still fully unpainted. The ears had been part of the headdress in the mold then cut apart to cut corners, and it showed. The kindest thing Glenn can say about the project is that it is inadequate. Neville was less kind: he thought it was a disaster.

Laura’s rune indicated occult abilities. Not exactly sure what that means, but Laura is an expert on elves so she has a good handle on things. Glenn was super-impressed with her excellent edges and understanding the concept so well but wanted a little more integration with the rune. Ve thought the tribal tattooing was beautiful.

The Verdict?

Tate won. Since Laney left on her own, no one else was eliminated.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m not much of a fantasy person, so I can’t really get excited about elves. 


Next week is all about flying.