TV Recap: 'Face Off' Episode 606 - 'Cryptic Creatures'


Face Off Episode 606
“Cryptic Creatures”
Original Airdate: 18 February 2014

In This Episode…

We start with a foundation challenge with guest judge Howard Berger. The contestants are paired up randomly to create an army of orcs. Literally. Each team chooses a banner, then must create a “lead” orc and nine of his warrior brethren. And they only have two and a half hours to do it. Matt and Corinne are the winning team, but only one gets immunity, and that is Corinne.

For the spotlight challenge, the contestants are again paired up, but they get to choose their own partner. There are five sets of geographic coordinates. Once each team chooses, the coordinates reveal a location that a cryptid is said to live in. The teams must create their version of said cryptid. Doug Jones is the guest judge.

The Creations

Matt and Corinne got the Jersey Devil. I thought what they came up with was dull: a very basic, simple face prosthetic and a set of wings that look nice from the front, but look like baggy drapes in the back. Ve said they simply didn’t do enough work. Everyone else did so much more. Neville explains that minimal is okay, but it has to be precise. This was not precise.

Chloe and Tyler had the Mapinguari, a strange furry creature that has only one eye and a stomach in its mouth. This was my favorite creation - it looked like something designed in the Jim Henson Workshop - in the best way possible. Glenn wanted to “see Captain Kirk fight this creature,” and was impressed that they took all the ridiculous aspects of the cryptid and combined it in a non-ridiculous way. Neville saw that the character had character, and was overall impressed. Doug saw the tummy-mouth as the centerpiece and thought it was beautiful.

Daran and Cat had the Chupacabra. Daran took control of the project and dismissed Cat’s contributions. Bad idea, as it turned out to be a sloppy mess. Glenn thought the anatomy was way off. Neville said there was no structure in the face, especially around the mouth, and it just looked bad. Doug didn’t like that the face was permanently frozen into a weird position that would restrict an actor’s movements.

Rashaad and Graham had the Bunyip, which I was disappointed to find out did not share any physical attributes with a bunny. This was a cool, solid makeup. Doug liked it a lot, and liked that the description of the Bunyip was ridiculous, but they made it work. Glenn was impressed that Rashaad did the face and Graham did the cowl, because they were so cohesive it looked like it was done by one person. Ve loved the paint and loved the profile.

Niko and George had the Vodaynoy. It is an aquatic frog / fish creature. The paint was a really bright green, but the sculpt was really nice. Doug liked the consistency of the fin-like attributes, and Neville liked the attention to detail.

The Verdict?

Tyler wins for the Mapinguari mouth. Matt is going home, and I’m sure everyone is wondering if Corinne would have been sent home if she didn’t have immunity.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked the cryptid challenge, and I liked that it was a mix of well-known creatures and more obscure, weird creatures. I wanted to know more backstory for each.


The contestants go to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, where they must create wizards to match an assigned wand.