TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 206 - 'Homecoming'


Falling Skies Episode 206
Written By: Bryan Oh
Directed By: Greg Beeman
Original Airdate: 15 July 2012

In This Episode...

Weaver’s harness bite infection has reached critical mass and he collapses into convulsions. Anne thinks the toxins or parasites or whatever are incubating in Weaver’s bloodstream. Tom wants to race him to Charleston; Anne doesn’t want to risk moving him. Lourdes suggests a new plan: pump Weaver’s blood out of him, heat it to 105 degrees to kill whatever the infection is, and pump it back in. Jameel will build a pump contraption, and Tom agrees to give this a chance. By the episode’s end, this technique seems to have done the trick. Weaver is awake and talking, but Anne still has yet to figure out what damage has already been done.

While out on patrol, Hal and Maggie stumble across a mass grave. Half a dozen previously harnessed kids are buried under some leaves. All are dead, except one: Karen. Hal rushes her back to camp where Tom agrees to take her in, but only if she remains in a secure psych room until she proves she can be trusted. Hal, still in love with her, naturally wants to trust her. Ben can hear that she is still being controlled by the aliens. He goes to see her to try to prove it, but instead he finds a kindred spirit, one who knows the fear and suspicion that comes with being harnessed kid. Their spikes glow, and they kiss. Hal is not happy when he walks in on this, even going so far as to believe that Ben is the one controlling her.

Despite telling Hal that she doesn’t want a relationship, Maggie is clearly threatened by and jealous of Karen. She goes into Karen’s room, guns blazing, and telling her to make herself scarce. Karen holds her ground, and the two fight. Even with her guns, Maggie is no match for Karen’s speed and strength, and she knocks Maggie out. When Karen hears Ben approaching, she throws herself on the floor and plays the victim. Ben decides that they have to leave, together, right now. They go to the roof, but Hal follows them and insists they come back inside. Ben chokes Hal into unconsciousness and the kids jump off the roof and race through the forest.

While out scrounging for fuel and supplies, the scout team finds Pope, badly injured, and brings him back to 2nd Mass. When he returns to consciousness, he says that a skitter had him pinned, and was looking for Tom and Ben. The skitter’s mouthpiece was Karen. Tom figures out the timeline, and this was just before Hal brought Karen to camp.

Dig It or Bury It?

It wasn’t a bad episode... it just went nowhere. Karen luring Ben away was not a surprise. I feel like Weaver’s infection was a wasted opportunity for something cool and alien to happen. Maggie’s tortured “I’m no good for you” stance is cliched and tiresome. And there were no aliens in this episode - which means no fighting. Dull. What happened to the rebellion? 

Alien Nation

While trying to empathize with Ben, Karen describes the feeling of being harnessed: being connected to the skitters, feeling like a hand was wrapped around her throat. She was barely able to breathe, and being moved around by the aliens like a rag doll. 

Alien Logic

Before he went into convulsions, Weaver had instructed Jameel to divert fuel from the vehicles to run the generator. I have to assume that the skitters were controlling him somehow, because that would be a really stupid decision for Weaver to make on his own.


A new weapon emerges to bring even more fear into the lives of 2nd Mass.