TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 208 - 'Death March'


Falling Skies Episode 208
“Death March”
Written By: Heather V. Regnier
Directed By: Seith Mann
Original Airdate: 5 August 2012

In This Episode...

We are on the road to Charleston. The convoy hits something in the road - it turns out to be a harnessed child named Jenny. They bring her onto the medical bus - she seems to be healthy and the harness isn’t glowing, leading Anne and Tom to believe it is broken. Matt tentatively befriends Jenny, but then her “brother” Tyler (they were both harnessed at the same time) attacks the convoy. She escapes, and that is that.

Hal, Maggie, and Pope are in the scout vehicle. The truck overheats. Hal goes to the river to collect some water while Pope and Maggie stay behind, fixing the radiator hose. Pope knows about Maggie’s dark past, and while he promises he won’t tell Hal, he suggests she tell him herself before he finds out from someone else. So Maggie shares with Hal. After her cancer treatment, Maggie was sick of everyone treating her delicately. She left home at 18, moved into a hole with a loser guy. The two of them were hardcore junkies and soon began to steal to support their habit. Maggie was caught and sent to prison, where she discovered she was three months pregnant. She didn’t even get to hold her baby boy before the doctors took him away. Hal seems very uncomfortable with this information.

The convoy pulls up in Charleston, only to find ruins. There is no magical city. It has all been destroyed. 2nd Mass mourns for a bit before Weaver gives a stirring speech, insisting that they will press on and find someplace to start their new society. At this point, voices call from the brush. Colonel Porter from 1st Continental appears, with some of his men - and fresh strawberries. 2nd Mass is greeted warmly and Porter assures them that there is in fact a utopia awaiting.

Dig It or Bury It?

Blah. So boring. This episode was a big buildup to a bigger letdown that I think everyone could see coming. I did like that Porter’s crew has built their city underground (I assume). Picking up Jenny along the way, only to lose her two acts later was completely pointless. Weaver bonding with Hector and discovering that he was a Marine was similarly pointless. I have to assume that these two stories will become important in the last few episodes because otherwise this episode was a complete waste of time. Even Maggie’s “dark past” was a disappointment. I was surprised at how much it bothered Hal. The way she was guarding it, I honestly thought she had murdered someone. Being an ex-junkie who was arrested for a non-violent crime and gave a child up is really not that sordid. And in a world devastated by alien invaders, Hal needs a little perspective. It’s really not worth getting hung up over.


Tom meets up with a former mentor, but he is played by Terry O’Quinn, so chances are he cannot be trusted.