TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 303 - 'Badlands'



falling skiesFalling Skies Episode 303
Written By: John Wirth
Directed By: David Solomon
Original Airdate: 16 June 2013

In This Episode...

Charleston is prepping for skitter retaliation with around-the-clock guards posted around the perimeter. Shots ring out, but these are not alien blasters; these are shots from human guns. Weaver’s team and Pope’s team return fire, but Grace, of the Berserkers, gets hit. Her flak jacket saved her life, but it knocked her over. Pope finds her flat on her back, with rebar jammed into the back of her skull - and out the front. She can’t feel it, but she is blind. Pope sends Matt for a hacksaw to cut her free. They get her back to the hospital, where Lourdes says the rebar is the only thing preventing her nicked artery from bleeding out in her head. Grace gets a few good hours before she dies. Pope is really torn up over it; so is Matt.

Tom has come down to help Weaver, and they discover the body of one of their shooters - human. Scouts spot humvees pulling away, meaning the surviving sniper would be left alone. Weaver blows up the building the sniper is shooting in. She is alive but unconscious. During questioning she won’t give up anything but her name, rank, and serial number. Tom has a go at her, but instead of questioning, he posits a theory: the sniper, Katherine, and her crew spotted humans working with spiked kids and aliens, and assumed they were alien sympathizers. “The only good alien is a dead alien” is the only response she offers, until Weaver warns her about copping an attitude with the president of the New United States. She takes offense to this. The “real” president, the man who was elected back when there was a government in place and the planet wasn’t under attack, is alive and well and ruling/governing from somewhere secret.

Maggie finds Hal packing his bags. He tells her the truth,  that Karen implanted something in him and is controlling him. He thinks he is the mole. Maggie is determined not to bail on him, like she has on every other relationship she has had in the past. But she also wants Hal to think long and hard about his decision to turn himself in - it would be treason. But Hal has made up his mind.

Anne’s baby is still doing weird things. She tries to take a blood sample and the baby pulls away and says, “Don’t.” She is also standing a lot, and it freaks Anne out. She finally admits what she has been seeing to Lourdes, who believes her to her face, but then promptly goes to Tom with the suspicion that Anne is suffering postpartum depression or even psychosis. Tom vows to spend more time with Anne and the baby, and despite his attempts to be the supportive husband, it is really condescending when he asks the baby what she has been saying to her mommy - with Anne sitting right there. Anne firmly believes her baby is not human.

Joan has been spearheading an effort to weld a “Liberty Tree” sculpture for the center of their new town. During the weekly town meeting, Tom unveils the sculpture and encourages everyone to write the names of someone they loved that has been lost since the invasion happened. He and Anne kick it off by writing his wife (Rebecca) and her kid (Sammy) on leaves and hanging them.  It is a touching scene - that is destroyed when alien ships zoom overhead, weapons hot. In her prison cell, Katherine begs to be allowed to fight. Everyone else in town goes to their fallback positions. Anne’s baby watches the ships flying overhead, and almost seems to smile.

Dig It or Bury It?

We got all our explosions, our aliens, our action last week. This week was a more cerebral episode. A sweet n’ sappy episode that was severely lacking in cool shit.

I find it interesting that survivors in Falling Skies are few and far between. Aside from the Charleston group we encountered at the end of season two, we haven’t really encountered any other humans. It just seems weird, but maybe that is because in the other post-apocalyptic TV show currently on (The Walking Dead, duh), they encounter random people all the time. Of course, the humans on The Walking Dead are not nearly as organized as the folks on Falling Skies


The President of the New United States is about to meet the President of the O.G. United States.